How to: wonder waves

How to: wonder waves

I’m in awe of two types of people (probably more than two if I cared to spend time to think about it, but we’ll stick with just them for now): people with flawless fringes and those who are able to create masterful waves. Which means that right about now, I’m worshipping the ground that Joh Bailey, TRESemmé super stylist, walks on.

No, he hasn’t gone and gotten a wonderful block fringe that he tongs, silly – but he did create this rather wavetastic fringe on last night’s episode of Project Runway. Snazzy isn’t it? Thought you’d like it.

And now, hopefully you’re going to like me too, for I have Mr Bailey’s exact step-by-step guide so that you can recreate this very ‘do in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: blow-dry hair, making sure that you style your fringe to the side.

Step 2: put your hair into a low ponytail and tease it to create thickness. Next, use a fine-toothed comb to brush out any lumps and bumps and spritz with TRESemmé Salon Finish Hairspray.

Step 3: wrap the pony-tail into a full bun and secure with pins.

Step 4: to create the fringe, ensure that the hair is dripping wet. To help the fringe hold, you’ll need to run TRESemmé Extra Control Mousse through it.

Step 5: to create the wave, pull the hair towards the face and then pin it back. Then pull the hair back from the face and pin it forward. Continue the whole zig-zag motion until the entire fringe is pinned. The pins can be left in or taken out  – once set – depending on the look you’re going for: pins in looks more edgy while pins out is more old Hollywood glam.

Do you like this style? What make-up would you team it with?

Ps. if a tousled bun is more your thing, check out Joh Bailey’s handy video

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