How-to: find your perfect hair curling style


Curling hair is one of those beauty tasks that many women struggle with. They either claim that their hair is un-curl-able, or that no tool works for them – or that it’s all just too much effort.

The truth is, most women actually haven’t taken the time to learn how to curl their hair properly, haven’t invested in the right tools and prep products – or haven’t found the right curling method for their hair. Let us do the hard graft for you, ladies…

Flat iron

Perfect for: people that like the controlled handling of a flat iron or straightener. This is also great for people that already have hair with movement, not so much for those with hair that’s hard to curl, as the lack of curl setting time means that they’re unlikely to last the day – unless you have hair that takes curls well.

Try: Cloud Nine The Original Iron. This clever iron is a ceramic hair straightener that utilises three temperature settings, meaning that you can use the right setting for your hair type. The iron also features patented technology, which leaves your hair looking glossy and shiny.


Perfect for: those who like to produce an imperfect curl look. Wands or tongs are also great for people who want to create curls quickly, as you can make your curls as thick or thin as you like.
Wands/tongs are a popular option when it comes to creating curls, as you can create tight ringlets or flouncy boho waves, depending on the size of the barrel. Many girls find this an easy option for curling, as it’s less about controlling your wrists and more about placing your hair around the barrel, which is easy if you’re sitting in front of a mirror.

Try: muk curl stick.This clip-free conical titanium barrel system provides smooth, static-free curls with shine. The stick also comes with three interchangeable barrels to create a number of styles.

Hot rollers

Perfect for: setting curls into thicker hair types and if you want to enjoy pillowy, flouncy curls.
Hot rollers are the original way to curl your hair. In fact, way back when, women used to curl their hair with a brush and then roll the curl over a regular roller before pinning it into place and sleeping with them in – all night! These days, heated rollers mean that you only have to keep them in for around 5-10 minutes!

Try: Remington Silk Ceramic Heated Rollers & Clips. This set includes 20 silky soft rollers and 20 silk ceramic infused heat clips to ensure that the curl sets faster, without damaging your hair.


Perfect for: lazy girls! No, not really – unless you are feeling a little on the tired side, as automatic curlers do all the work for you. They’re also great for people who aren’t sure how to curl their hair.
Automatic curlers are a new product trend to hit the market, but for girls that have always been utterly confused by curling, they’re a godsend.

Try: VS Sassoon Curl Secret.Simply clamp your hair and watch as the curler sucks in your straight strands and spits out a perfect curl.


Perfect for: girls with blonde, or dry/damaged hair. This style works best on girls with hair that has natural movement.
Our BlogStar winner kerker showed us how easy it is to create heat-free curls at home, check out how to do it yourself right here…

Which style is most suitable for you? Which style of curling is your favourite?

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