Here’s how to fake salty beach waves while it’s still too cold to swim

Here’s how to fake salty beach waves while it’s still too cold to swim

If you’re all about the undone beachy hair but can’t quite face the reality of the current arctic water temperatures (seriously, how do people ocean swim year round?!), then it’s time to cheat your way to beach waves. 

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The biggest player? The waves. Shocking, we know. Reaching for a classic curling iron won’t necessarily give you the right result, though. We recommend using something that offers a more ‘undone’ finish. Think a Mermade waving wand or an oval barrel that delivers delightfully dishevelled bends. Our go-to? The VS Sassoon Keratin Protect Undone Waves wand; it actually features keratin-infused technology to help protect hair health while adding the perfect ‘I woke up like this’ waves.

Your other secret weapon? Your styling product kit. Start by adding a bit of texture-enhancing styling cream into hair post-wash. It’ll add a bit of body and extra pieciness while also getting your waves looking  perfectly windswept (like, in a good way) Our pick? The Redken No Blow Airy Cream.

Then, once your waves are in place, add some salt spray. Salt sprays are your short cut to undone and tousled tresses, minus the sand and dry-straw feeling that can often occur from the real thing. And if you’ve previously experienced too much ‘crunch’ from the product, we urge you to try again, because the sea salt sprays on the market now are pretty magical. Basically, they’ll help to finesse your curl sans crunch.

Formulated with texture-enhancing yet hair nourishing ingredients to soften and hydrate while adding volume and movement, they’re ideal for creating the beachy look in just a few spritzes. 

Here are our favourite ones for natural soft waves..

JUSTICE Professional Sea Salt Spray

For finer and flatter hair types, the JUSTICE Professional Sea Salt Spray will boost volume and increase hair thickness by adding natural movement from the roots down. If your hair tends to go frizzy from the sea, this spray is formulated with resins and polymers to create the body and texture, minus the frizz. 

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If your hair struggles to hold a wave, the KMS sea salt spray will keep that ‘just out of the ocean’ look lasting all day. Thanks to the innovative formula using a PVP setting polymer, this spray will provide support and maintain hold within the hair.

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ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray

Fake volume at the roots, and thickness and texture at the mid-lengths and ends with this lightweight spray. A few spritzes onto wet or dry hair and transform flat, lifeless hair into fuller, thicker locks.

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TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Tink vacation hair that will cost you way less than an airfare. This spray is suitable for all hair types and will create instant natural movement without the stiff, crunchy feel.

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Beach muk Sea Salt Spray 

Perfect for naturally straight hair, this spray separates and defines individual curls while adding natural body and texture from the root to tip. The oil-free formula is finished with a refreshing cantaloupe smell for the full tropical experience.

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Main image credit: @beyonceHave you used a sea salt spray before?  How was the result?

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  1. I’ve been making my own and it works great, but it’s pretty drying. I will probably have to try one fo the commercial ones. Particularly tempted by the ELEVEN as I really like their products.

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