How to create perfect waves


Do you swoon over Hollywood waves but are absolutely hopeless at creating anything other than a basic ponytail? I feel you. Not only do I lack the talent, but also the time and patience when my hair doesn’t turn out like the glamorous locks that grace the red carpet.

Thankfully, the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves wand has come along and solved all my hairstyle woes, just like that. Now I can create salon-worthy styles any time I want! No matter whether you’re an absolute hair guru or a rookie just like me, the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves is so easy to use, you can’t help but be seriously impressed.

To show you exactly how achievable gorgeous red carpet waves can be, watch me create three different styles using the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves.  


Starting with dried, combed and sectioned hair, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the barrel of the wand, and hold for six to eight seconds. Then simply unwind or release your hair from around the barrel.

The tool features five heat settings, so you can choose the right temperature to suit you to help you create your desired style. The unique spiral barrel waver design of the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves helps you create perfect waves simply by wrapping your hair around the wand. Don’t worry about fitting your hair into the grooves either, just let your hair naturally wrap around it.


Repeat this process until your entire head is curled, but just remember not to touch your curls until they’ve completely cooled.  

The wand’s diamond radiance ceramic barrel and professional ceramic heaters allow you to create soft, glamorous, long-lasting waves that enhance the shine in your hair without causing damage.


Once your hair has completely cooled, use a soft paddle brush to gently brush through your curls.

To finish, use a light hairspray to seal in your style.

If you want to give your hair even more glamour, create a deep side part for a soft, side-swept look.

Start your waves closer to your scalp, and once brushed through, sweep your hair over one shoulder and pin in place.

And if you want to create something a little more fun and flirty, start with your hair in a high pony, and curl random sections with the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves before gently brushing out.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create salon-worthy styles with the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves, isn’t it time you got one yourself?

Would you like to try the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves? Which of these three looks was your favourite?

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