How to take your hair from boring to brilliant


If your hair is looking a little dull and dreary, it could be largely due to your hair colour. You see, the vibrancy of your hair colour can play a huge part in how healthy your hair looks overall, so making sure you keep your colour up to date is well worthwhile. But instead of spending a fortune at the salon, why not save a pretty penny and try your hand at colouring your hair at home?!

Garnier Olia is the perfect product to use when colouring your hair at home as it contains no ammonia, which means there’s no chemical smell and no damage to your hair. Its unique oil delivery technology also works to propel the colour deep inside your hair follicle for a multi-dimensional, ultra-vibrant finish. It also enables the colourant to actually improve the state of your hair after each use!

Better still, the extensive colour spectrum means that there’s the perfect shade for every woman!

Watch our video to see exactly how easy and effective it is to colour your hair at home with Garnier Olia. Don’t want to watch the video? Check out the steps below!

Step 1: Mix up the formula

Step 2: Apply the colour

Step 3: Rinse and style

Before and after

Do you like the look of Garnier Olia? Would you try it? What do you look for in an at-home hair colour?

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