The best way to brush curly hair

The best way to brush curly hair

If you’re someone with curly locks, brushing your hair every morning can feel like a chore you’d rather not get out of bed for. You balk at the idea of putting any kind of comb or brush through your hair, your patience can run thin and most days you take the easy way out and resort to throwing your curls into a bun or ponytail and away you go.

But now, in the age of specifically-designed hair combs, products and on-hand beauty experts (ahem – us) brushing curly hair doesn’t have to feel unmanageable.

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We’ve enlisted the help of leading hairstylist and AVEDA Guest Artist Darren Summors to talk us though the best way to brush curly hair.

Simply follow these expert tips to hopefully make your hair brushing routine a little easier!

What is the best way to brush curly hair?

For the girls with the curls, it’s actually best to comb your hair wet, perhaps even while you’re still in the shower. Darren emphasises this, “a great way to tame the mane is to brush hair when it’s still wet after shampooing, using a moisturising conditioner and a wide tooth comb to detangle.”

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What are the best products to use for brushing hair?

“The best products to use are a shampoo with a co-wash, like the Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash” says Darren. He then advises to follow up with a conditioner as this will nourish and detangle your curls as well as adding shine! He also suggests using creamy, oil-based products for detangling while simultaneously adding “much needed moisturise to naturally dry coils.”

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What is the best technique to use when brushing curly hair?

Instinctively, we usually brush our hair from roots to end, however for curly hair, it’s the opposite. Although it might feel counterintuitive, with curly hair it’s best to start at the end and work your up. Darren tells us why, “apply conditioner from the nape of the neck, taking small sections, and combing up from the ends towards the roots. This ensures that you do not create more tangles when brushing down.” This method is also important as it doesn’t cause breakage.

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What kind of brushes or hair tools do you recommend for brushing curly hair?

A wide tooth comb with “rounded teeth” or a brush with spaced out bristles versus one with densely packed bristles “which can cause more knots and tangles” is the way to go according to Darren. He elaborates that, “a brush with spaced out bristles can aid in the detangling process.”

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Best way to enhance or style your curls after brushing?

Darren notes that it’s imperative to give your hair a lot love post-brushing, and the best way to do this is with a moisturising hair mask that you should apply on towel-dried hair and leave overnight. “Start by layering the hair, applying product, and twisting curls into place. Allow hair to air dry in the AM,” says Darren. “Pull curls apart or tousle hair with fingers from the roots to create more bounce throughout strands.”

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Are there any curly-haired beauties out there who have any great tips on brushing  curly locks? 

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