Dear Desperately Seeking Volume

Dear Desperately Seeking Volume

Bh recently received your plea for surgical detachment from your teasing comb. “I have medium to long hair which is thin, though there’s lots of it. I have real trouble getting body into it and, unless I backcomb the roots, it just tends to sit flat,” you said. “How can I boost my body without backcombing? Is there a product I need? Or am I just blow-drying all wrong?”

Thing is, we didn’t quite catch your name. But never mind. The experts have answers anyway.

For all oomph-seekers anonymous…

Bet you already know to flip your head forward and blast your roots from beneath, but Anthony Mascolo of Toni and Guy fame once told me raising roots begins before blow-drying. “If you start styling too early, with your wet hair combed flat onto your head, your hair will just stay flat,” he explained. “You need to towel it off, get your hands in there and get some natural movement going before you do anything else.” Anthony’s move injects extra vitality into your blow-out and also stops locks air-drying so limply.

Celebrity hairstylist (and hair make-over genius) Brad Ngata instructs that your cut also counts. In many cases, the longer the length, the more weight the roots need to support and the flatter the natural fall will be. So perhaps talk trimming a little length with your hairdresser.

The last words of advice I’ll leave to Australian Hairdresser of the Year Caterina DiBiase: “I strongly recommend applying L’Oreal Professionnel Volume Lift to damp hair at the scalp. Another good trick is to lightly spray your roots with L’Oreal Professionnel Air Fix after blow-drying to keep hair light and ‘airy’. Then, if you have time, pop in some easy velcro rollers for five minutes and finish with Air Fix for all day hold. It really works!”

With love & lipstick,

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