How to add volume to fine hair

How to add volume to fine hair

When it comes to makeup and skin care and the various finishes and formulas available, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. Hair on the other hand is a little bit trickier. Thick, luscious locks are one of those things we all crave but are much harder to fake if your natural hair is fine and lacking in volume. However, with hair technology improving at a rate of knots, hot tools and styling products have made it easier than ever to fake the volume you’ve always wanted.

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Here are some tips, tricks and hairstyles for fine hair that will seriously boost volume.

1. Choose your tool carefully

First and foremost is choosing your heat styling tool. Curlers and straighteners can be damaging to hair at the best of times, and fine hair is even more prone to damage. In better news brands like ghd are now creating hot tools that are smarter than ever, sporting predictive technology. This means your straightener can now monitor and change the temperature based on your hair, which means reduced breakage and up to 20% more shine, fine haired girls rejoice.

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2. Prep your hair properly

Your hot tool is so much smarter than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean a heat protectant is redundant. Protecting fine hair is a number one priority, as heat damage could make it even finer. As a result, a heat protectant is a non-negotiable when it comes to styling fine hair.

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3. Blow it out

Similarly to investing in a heat styling tool like a straightener or curler, a good quality hair dryer will be a game-changer. To boost volume for fine hair, flip your head over and blow dry upside down until your hair is halfway dry, flip back over and finish in sections using a round brush. Another sneaky blow drying hack is to use a diffuser, this will help hair that usually falls flat hold its shape and volume for longer. Beauty editor’s tip: blow dry hair on medium heat, the hottest heat setting on a hairdryer can often leave hair flat.

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4. Choose your hairstyle strategically

A straight braid or centre part are likely going to draw attention to fine hair. To really give the impression of volume, try spritzing a thickening product or mousse in the roots before opting for something like a high ponytail instead. Once your ponytail is secured teasing or backcombing the hair close to the elastic will give it extra lift and texture. Another very easy trick is to flick your hair over where your natural part would be. A deep side part is a sure-fire way to give your hair more volume.

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What do you do to boost volume for fine hair? Let us know your tricks and hacks.

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  1. Honestly the only way I’ve been able to get volume into my hair is by using both dry shampoo and hairspray. A LOT of hairspray, that I spray into the roots immediately after blow drying and brushing. I let it dry, then lightly brush my hair into style. It’s been my go-to every single day for years

  2. I’ve used a volume powder when I thought my hair needed a lift but even though it did the trick volume wise it made my hair look dull. I stick with my Parlux for drying, use heat protection products and turn down the heat on my straightener. My hair also works best with mist products rather than creams because the creams weigh it down.

  3. I have fine hair, but lots of it. I don’t have difficulty in creating temporary volume with it. I know two people that have such fine hair that it looks very thinned out, and they find it difficult to manage.

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