Holy Grail of expert tips – Hair

Holy Grail of expert tips – Hair

“To prevent hair fall, use an anti-dandruff shampoo such as head & shoulders. Dandruff and its associated symptoms such as itching are reduced and as a result, prevents hair fall.” – Dr Ilyse Lefkowicz, head & shoulders Dermatologist

“If you want to smooth the frizz off your curls, finish washing your hair with colder water. The cool water will soften the hair and keep it healthier.” – Ziyad Nicolas, Ambassador of Pure Hair Food

“To help reduce split ends, maintain your blow-dry and help retain moisture in your hair by sleeping on a silk pillow slip.” – De Lorenzo Guest Artist, Paula Hibbard

“When you want to put your hair up, try not shampooing it on that day. Hair up works better when hair is not soft and clean. Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo can help a lot, apply through the hair in sections to help build a better texture to work with.” – Terri Robertson-Kirkwood from Robertson Kirkwood

“Use a lower heat setting on your heat styling tools. Don’t forget the heat protectant. All of the Pure Hair Food styling products have heat protecting qualities.” – Ziyad Nicolas, Ambassador of Pure Hair Food

“To create a bit more volume in your hair, pump a small amount of hair dust into the roots and using your fingers underneath your hair, massage the crown of your head in a circular motion. This should create nice subtle volume in the hair, almost the equivalent of a gentle back comb but without damaging your hair.” – Neil Cleminson, bhave Technical & Creative Director

“[If you’re after a] big bouncy blow-dry, after drying each section with your round brush wrap around your finger and pin. Once finished take out vavoom!” – De Lorenzo Guest Artist, Paula Hibbard

“After blow-drying, blast [the] hair with cool air down the cuticles to set [the] hair and give it shine.” – Jayne Wild, Hair Ambassador for Vaniday Australia

“Always use a nozzle on your hairdryer as this will give you more control and help keep your hair around the brush as you dry and style, as well as giving a smoother and shinier finish.” – Neil Cleminson, bhave Technical & Creative Director

“Add hair oil to your box dye developer mix for an amazing shine boost.” – bh member duality

Did any of the above tips surprise you? Which one will you be trying out first?

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