Haircuts that make your face look thinner

Haircuts that make your face look thinner

The art of make-up isn’t the only thing than can give the illusion of a slimmer, more sculpted face. And though there’s no denying the magic of contouring, when snipped correctly, the way your hair falls around your face can determine its definition, or lack thereof. Here are three of the most flattering haircuts for round faces.

Long layers

If you like longer locks, work in some shaggy texture. Layers elongate the face and soften out any round edges. The key is to avoid creating too much volume through the mid-lengths, as layers that sit at the sides of your face can make it look rounder. As for colour, add shine by highlighting lighter sections of your hair – this will add more dimension and make your face appear thinner.

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Sideswept fringe

A sideswept fringe is ideal for downplaying the roundness of your face, so long as it doesn’t cut off in a straight line above your eyebrows. That will shorten your face and make it appear even rounder. Keep the length longer – around halfway down the length of your nose – and avoid opt for a feathered (rather than blunt) finish to draw attention to your eyes. A fringe that ends at the corners of your eyes can help to highlight your cheekbones, too.

If you want to give your fringe a deep side part, warm a flexible pomade or styling cream in between your palms, and pat your palm lightly at your part. This will keep your fringe in place.

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Lob it off

A bob that finishes just below your jawline is great for concealing roundness because it perfectly outlines the face. Stick with angular cuts and layers to stop the ends from feeling too bulky. Then, give life to your lob by spritzing it with a light texturising spray to accentuate the length and add body.

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Are you in the round face camp? Do you cut your hair to suit your face shape?

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