Hair heaven

Hair heaven

Hair. For most of us it’s integral to our identity. Get it right and all is well with the world. But all too often we covet other women’s styles and lament our own, wishing for straighter, curlier, darker, lighter, longer or shorter locks in a quest for the best.

Which brings me to wishing you total tress success with the news we’re devoting this week’s bh to hair – in all its glory.

I for one feel on top of my game with a salon-fresh blow dry. And the reason why I was up an hour earlier today? Trying to recreate the results at home for my first day as editor at beautyheaven.

And what an exciting first week it is. First up, the Bh team pits Toni&Guy against Paul Mitchell in a must-see tried and tested to discover how two leading haircare brands shape up. And if you’re looking for inspiration, our runway to reality gallery reveals how to copy catwalk hairstyles with flair.

Plus we have plenty of expert insights and each day there’s a new Beauty Q&A. Today, we discover how to go from black to brunette safely and Thursday is all about the secrets to a salon blow dry.

By the way, if you’ve ever wanted an audience with one of Australia’s leading hair gurus, don’t miss our special bh forum with Philip Gallo at 6.30pm on Tuesday. There’s nothing this maestro doesn’t know about luscious locks so get ready with your questions.

Drop by for a chat, stay for a giggle and remember, bh forums are members’ only so if you’re not already registered, please sign in here.

In the meantime, I’m surveying the scene here at the bh offices with admiration. Everyone here has hair to die for. I guess that’s why we call it beautyheaven. And why I’ll be quizzing them all on tips to share with you later in the week.

When has your hair been at its most beautiful?

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