Are you washing your hair properly?


There’s a reason why your hair looks and feels 1001 times better after a trip to the salon – and it’s got nothing to do with the epic head massage. It’s all thanks to the pros who understand the key to happy hair is a well-executed wash. As it turns out, there’s a right and wrong way to wash your hair, and you’re probably guilty of doing the latter. Thankfully, it’s never too late to start stepping up your haircare game. Take those strands from lacklustre to lustrous by getting it right in the shower. 

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Don’t jump the gun

Woah, slow down a minute, would you? Instead of pumping out the shampoo straight away, give your hair some time to take in the hot water. Think of it like a washing machine cycle: the clothes need to soak before the detergent can get to work. Let your hair bask in the glory of hot water for a few minutes. This will open up the cuticles and help to remove dirt and product build-up trapped in your hair.

Swap your products

If you have long hair, you should condition before you shampoo. Crazy, right?! It seems like an acceptable thing to do only if you’re deliriously tired, but actually, long tresses need to be conditioned prior to the washing process. Hello, reverse hair washing! Your ends are notoriously fragile, so to stop them from further drying out, running a small amount of conditioner through them will fill any holes in the cuticle with moisture. In turn, this will boost shine and smooth out your hair. #winning

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Turn the temp down

Nothing beats a warm shower, but we’re sorry to say that heat doesn’t go down too well with your hair. As uncomfortable as it sounds, you should turn the temp down – way down – and finish your wash with a cool rinse. The cold water will shut the hair cuticles, sealing in that shiny finish. Worth the chill? Absolutely.

Keep the lathering to a minimum

Firstly, that mound of product in your palm is waaay too much. While some of us love that creamy, bubbly shampoo feeling (guilty), less is definitely more.  Stick to a twenty cent piece-sized dollop.  Secondly, you only really need to shampoo hair at the scalp, as it’s where healthy hair begins (literally). And yes, we know how good it feels to get in there with your nails and give your scalp a good ol’ scratch, but try to limit that to a few seconds.

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Go vertical

Friction damages hair, and leads to breakage and frizzy, out-of-control tresses. To combat this, ditch circular motions and use vertical strokes to massage in your shampoo. It’s okay to be firm, though – shampooing stimulates blood flow to the scalp as well as hair growth, so you want to do a good job.

Find ‘the one’

Just like foundation, it’s important to find a shampoo and conditioner duo that’s right for you. Identify your hair type, then look for products formulated to suit your needs. For instance, oily hair types need a purifying shampoo, rather than a super moisturising one. Dry strand sufferers will benefit most from a smoothing formula, and those with thin hair should opt for the most gentle shampoo they can find.

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Skip the repeat

Unless you’ve just been doused in house paint, stuck your head in a giant jar of honey or are trying to wash out an at-home dye job gone horribly wrong, don’t rinse and repeat. Ever. One shampoo is more than sufficient. If you think your hair needs a little more TLC, apply a leave-in conditioning treatment. Cue glossy locks!

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Are you guilty of any of these hair washing mistakes?

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