Video how-to: easy boho waves


Have you always envied those girls whose locks tumble in effortless waves to their shoulders? You, know the ones whose hair seems to behave that way come rain or shine, at the beach or at the bar? 

We’re going to let you into a little secret here – but we strongly suspect a lot of those ladies don’t have hair that looks like that naturally. It’s quite possible that many of them have poker-straight strands or locks that have a slight kink that can only be tamed with a bit of styling trickery. It’s true: sometimes, getting your hair to look that naturally bouncy takes a little bit of, um, faking it.

But that’s a good thing, right? Because it means that those soft, voluminous curls we’ve admired from afar for so long we can have for ourselves. Want proof? We’re going to show you… with the help of a little styling spray and some GHD straighteners. Take a look at the video above and say hello to natural waves in no time.

Do you like to curl your hair? What tools and techniques do you use?

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