How-to: Dianna Agron milkmaid braid

How-to: Dianna Agron milkmaid braid

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s celebrities who dare to shake things up on the red carpet. Celebs who aren’t afraid to throw traditional tousled waves out the window and don a hairstyle that’s a little more on the daring side.

Take Dianna Agron, who we spied sporting a milkmaid braid with a fishy twist. Yes, the ‘headband’ element of her milkmaid braid is actually a fishtail braid. I know, right? So cool.

Well, obviously I had to recreate it for you. What other choice did I have? When I see a style this cool, my hands practically have a mind of their own and I have to get copying – stat.

Watch our video to see exactly how we recreated this super-sassy style.

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