Is your hair dry and damaged? Are your locks looking a little lacklustre? Then it’s time to up the ante and give your hair the most nourishing treatment it can possibly have.
After living and breathing hair for a looong time, Gail McJorrow, creator of Wondercap, shares her tips on perfecting an ultra-effective, super-conditioning hair treatment. We guarantee it’ll make your hair the envy of every girl on the block…





Hair treatment tip #1

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you remove excess water from your hair after rinsing and BEFORE applying the hair treatment, as this will prevent the treatment from being diluted down. If you can, use a microfibre towel, as these are super-absorbent and will soak up 100 times more water than a conventional bath towel. 

Hair treatment tip #2

Use heat to activate a deeper penetration of the hair treatment product. If you haven't got a Wondercap, soak a towel with hot water, squeeze out any excess water, and wrap it around your head. The only drawback to this method is that the towel only stays hot for a minute or so, whereas the Wondercap will give off an even heat for at least 15 minutes. Having said that though, three to five minutes of heat will also do the trick.

Hair treatment tip #3

Don't be scared to create your own hair treatment concoction at home. Mix up your supermarket brands and your salon brands. I have thick, curly hair my favourite blend is:

Wondercap Guardian Angel Conditioning Treatment

Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask

Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Reconstructive Treatment

I also always add a teaspoon of oil, (I usually have Moroccanoil on hand) but you can use any oil you like.
Simply dollop a bit of each hair treatment product into a jar, and shake to combine.

Hair Treatment tip #4

Always use a wide-tooth comb when you apply the hair treatment. This will ensure that the product is evenly distributed.

Hair treatment tip #5 - for curly hair

If you have curly hair, after you have done your treatment squeeze out the excess moisture (again, a microfibre towel is preferable), and leave your hair for about half an hour before you apply any curl product or leave-in conditioner. My fave is Redken Ringlet 07 - I swear it is the best on the market! Then, AFTER you have applied the curl product or leave-in conditioner, wrap your hair in a microfibre turban and leave it on as long as you can – or better still, sleep with it on – and you won't believe how beautiful your curls will be when you wake up!


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