Tool time

Tool time

What a difference the right hair tools can make. I’ll admit, I’m a pretty low-maintenance girl when it comes to doing my day-to-day ‘do. Professional blow-dries are essential for big deal events but otherwise, I’m only five minutes with the hair-dryer and a paddle brush away from being a wash and wear woman.

So imagine my delight at discovering hair straighteners that do what they’re supposed to, in record time, in a steamy bathroom. And after little more than a quick dry off with the barest minimum of styling skill. Seriously, if I can do it anyone can.

This gig sees new hair tools come cross the bh desk every so often and it’s usually a pleasure to take them for a spin. But often they’re too time-consuming or too tricky to totally win me over. So it’s a very rare set of tongs or straighteners that makes it into my bathroom as a daily workhorse.

But as soon as I saw the new Remington Shine Therapy Straightener in action, I knew I wanted in. And that I’d only have to add another five minutes to my morning routine.

What makes these straighteners different is an infusion of conditioners into the ceramic plates rendering heat-protecting sprays unnecessary. You can still use one if you like, but the avocado oil and vitamin E in the plates is there to combat the thermal stress of styling for the life of the straighteners. Certainly it was enough to leave my fine, colour-treated hair soft and shiny without any of the greasy residue some protectants can cause.

And guess what? The straightening has lasted all (humid) day and been admired by my fellow bh-ers and beauty ed pals alike. Not bad huh? Remember that saying, “It’s a poor tradesman who blames his tools”. I’m going to update it for us beauty buffs: it’s a smart woman who credits her tools.

What’s your must-have hair tool de jour? 

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