Hair on the go

Hair on the go

Earlier this week I promised I’d quiz my new bh colleagues on their hair styling secrets.  Working in an office with a stylish set of beauty-obsessed women is a tonne of fun and I adore seeing how everyone is turned out for the day.

From frilly frocks to razor-sharp jeans and flat boots to peeptoes, anything goes. The same applies to hair.  Everyone does their own lovely thing. And apparently they all do it in next to no time as well! So you can see why I was keen to find out what they know that I don’t.

The darling Janet tells me she uses nothing more than leave-in conditioner to achieve a super shiny blow-dry at home.  She’s just combs it through and wraps her hair in a towel for 10 minutes to give it chance to work. Clever huh? No additional product needed.

And Claire has won my heart with her easy tip to keep a fresh fringe: “To stop it getting greasy overnight pin it back as soon as you get home and leave it like that until the morning when you re-style.” Anything that means I can have an extra 10 minutes in bed of a cold morning is genius!

I’ve also discovered that Olivia’s gentle waves are courtesy of either a loose plait or low bun as soon as she jumps out of the shower. She just lets it dry that way. Her key to making it last? Working in some strong-hold mousse while it’s still wet. Again, so simple and so smart.

Now my only issue is which tip to try first. Yes, I really am in beautyheaven.

What hair tips have you learned from friends? 

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