Thought for the day

Thought for the day

When life gives you lemons, cut them in half and rub them on your elbows and heels. So goes my mantra for today. Not simply to sing the exfoliating and skin-brightening praises of citric acid (handy as it is), but to remind myself to search for the pretty side of the not-so-perfect moments. It’s a coping strategy to survive the heck of a morning I’ve had so far.

It began when the fire alarm in my building sounded off at 4am and got worse when my beloved hairdryer went kaput in the middle of my Melbourne Cup Day blow-out. So what’s the upside? 

Well, it did take a few frizzy-haired moments to deal with the dryer disaster and sleep deprivation all at once (there may or may not have been hyperventilation involved), but then it dawned on me: at least I had time to find a styling solution (Remington’s Wet2Straight Micro Diamond Slim, which also does a decent curl if you’re tricky) and I now have an actual excuse to indulge my addiction to electrical goods. My inner techie geek loves a well-designed hair styler.

And after a few hours browsing, I now find myself utterly spoiled for choice. There’s the lust buy: the sleek, rev-worthy piece of Italian engineering that is a Parlux. My hairdresser swears, lives and breathes by his. Then there’s the smart buy: the Sunbeam NutriHair System, which you load with conditioning capsules to love your locks while you style them. And there’s also an absolutely gorgeous GWP to consider: if I was to buy myself the brand new Ultimate High Torque 2000 blow-dryer from VS Sassoon right now, I’d be gifted a pamper pass to spend on a facial, mani, pedi or fitness session. That’s a new, shiny electrical tool and a beauty treatment for a tiny $69.95. How’s that for a glossy silver lining?

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