7 things every girl who straightens her hair knows

7 things every girl who straightens her hair knows

If you don’t straighten your hair, you might not appreciate the time and effort it takes those who do to get their locks to look lustrous. Getting up extra early just to wash, brush, blowdry and straighten, only to have your flyaways misbehave is no joke, especially if you refuse to leave the house with your hair in its natural state. Here are seven truths every girl who straightens her hair will know:

#1 Your best style starts in the shower

Getting the result you want from your straightener stems from how you wash. Shampoos and conditioners with ‘smoothing’ ingredients will help get that smooth, shiny and glossy finish.

#2 Going over your entire head with a flat brush is your arm workout for the day

Root to tip, root to tip, repeat again and again. Brushing wet hair over and over is exhausting, but gives you a legitimate excuse to skip the gym that day after your morning brush session. #Armday.

#3 You’d never style without heat protectant

Not protecting your locks is a sure fire way to run into issues such as breakage and lack of shine. If you regularly use hot styling tools, you know that too much heat damages the hair follicles, as well as reduces the natural oil and quality of protein in your hair, stripping away that naturally healthy, glossy look.

#4 And you only ever use heat tools that are safe for your hair

Like the Philips MoistureProtect Straightener, which actively monitors the temperature of your hair to keep it constantly hydrated while you style. It also has floating ceramic plates that move when pressure is applied to help avoid breakage. Impressed? Yeah, we really are.

#5 You have burn scars to show your commitment to straightening

“This one is from the time I was doing my hair while attempting to eat dinner, and this one is from when I broke my wrist and had to use my other arm”. Yep, we’ve all got tales to tell about our battle wounds. 

#6 Whenever you get to the ends of your hair, you can’t help but feel guilty at the sight of your split ends

You need to get a haircut, and you will … eventually.

#7 Unexpected rain and wind are your worst nightmare

If you’d just spent hours in the bathroom getting your hair to look this good, you’d squeal and take off at the first raindrop too!

Are you an avid hair straightener? What are some of the perils you experience?

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