Hair straightening myths to stop believing

Hair straightening myths to stop believing

When it comes to beauty, there are few looks that stand the test of time more than sleek, shiny straight hair. And since we’re such great fans of the look, it comes as no surprise we’re prone to taking to the straightener more than we probably should.

But heat styling doesn’t have to mean sacrificing healthy hair. In fact, these days there are tools that actually help to ensure we maintain healthy hair, and increase the overall appearance of our hair from lack of shine, dryness and frizz.

So let’s not let a few shudder-worthy memories of the singed hair of our teenage past stop us from enjoying regular heat styling. Here, we debunk some of the more common myths associated with hair straightening, once and for all!

Steam is a no-no

Believe it or not, straighteners have come a long way since the one you might have used years ago. These days, they’re far more technologically advanced and actually help to protect your hair while you style. Even though you might associate appliances that steam as something to cause alarm, the steam you see when you straighten your hair is actually a good sign – at least when using the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate.

You see, steam-producing straighteners provide moisture to the hair, so are far less likely to dry it out. The VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate is specifically designed to utilise the benefits of steam to open up the hair cuticles and infuse them with moisture, before sealing the hair and protecting it right to the ends, making it especially effective for those with drier hair.

Hair loses shine

It’s a common misconception that regular straightening strips the hair of shine, thanks to high temperatures, tension and excess clamping. But the truth is, the proof is in the product. Admittedly, if your iron is the age of a dinosaur, chances are that lack of shine and frizz might be a problem, since the plates are unlikely to feature ceramic coating or ionic technology.

They cause excess frizz

There are a lot of rumours running rife around the mill that straighteners actually cause additional frizz through heat, which eliminates moisture in the hair and subsequently, dries it up. In truth, there may be straighteners which do cause this effect, but straighteners such as the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate actually make the hair more resistant to humidity and frizz. By using steam, the straightener relaxes, hydrates and nourishes the cuticle for a smooth and polished finish, meaning no more bad hair days; just healthy, smooth, sleek and glossy locks.

Did you know the truth behind these myths or have you heard any others? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Some great information about hair straightening especially when you think you shouldn’t use one on your hair. Couldn’t live without my hair straightener always looks beautiful when washed and dried and straightened.

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