Hair service

Hair service

I was reading when I stumbled upon a little gem for ladies-who-lunch (oh how I long to be thee). Thanks to a partnership between the Park Hyatt and Louis Vuitton, a private hair diagnosis followed by the option of a cut or colour is now as easy to order as your fillet mignon.

John Nollet – fabulous French coiffeur who tends to such star’s strands as Marion Cotillard and Monica Belluci’s – is doing a global Park Hyatt tour, visiting 11 in total, one of which being Sydney, to offer local clientele (expect to see the who’s who of the Sydney social set and proud LV supporters) the chance of a fabulous salon-sleek blow-dry in the über-comfortable surroundings of their Park Hyatt suite. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

It’s okay, it’s not like I need it. I mean I can do a rather fancy salon job in the comfort of my own room thanks. All I need is…

VS Sassoon Tourmaline Infusion 2000 AC Hair Dryer – a powerful, professional dryer that leaves hair shiny and asking frizz, what frizz?

Remington Shine Therapy Straightener – comes complete with porous ceramic plates that release a blend of conditioning avocado oil and vitamins while I straighten.

Tresemme No Frizz Serum – I finish with a quick slick of this to instantly smooth and impart shine.

Take that John.

p.s. Mr Nollet if you’re reading this I’m sorry for calling you John. And I really would love to come, I was only saying that I didn’t need you because I was hurt not to be invited personally but I really could do with a trim. So I’ll wait to hear from you…

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