What is hair plopping, exactly?


My hair’s a wayward mix of kinks and curls, so I love a styling trend that works with, rather than against, unruly tresses. 

Enter ‘hair plopping’, an American trend that’s taking the beauty world by storm.

Invented to help wild-haired beauties enhance their curls without heat styling, it basically involves ‘plopping’ your tresses in a towel, t-shirt or cloth on top of your head.

Then, you simply twist both sides securely and leave it on while your hair dries.

Once your hair’s dry (and you’ve officially tired of rocking an old tee on your head), you remove it to reveal beautiful, natural curls – without the dreaded frizz.

The best part about the technique? The curls form and set above your head, which helps to give them extra bounce and definition (minus the two hours spent struggling with your styler).

For a step-by-step guide, take a look at this great hair plopping how-to video from UK haircare brand Bouclème.

These guys have brought out a Curl Towel specifically designed for the technique as, according to the founder Michele Scott-Lynch, run-of-the-mill terry towels “draw moisture from the hair, ruffle the cuticles and mess up the curl pattern”.

Apparently, Bouclème’s soft cotton, bamboo and elastane version helps the hair to stay hydrated – which is essential for smooth curls.

Alternatively, you could just stick with your old bath towel/tea towel/t-shirt and spritz on a styling product before the ‘plopping’ part. To help your curls along, try Aveda Be Curly™ Style-Prep, De Lorenzo Elements Barrel Wave Curl Defining Lotion or KMS California CURLUP Control Crème.

Would you try hair plopping? What other styling how-tos are you interested in seeing?

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