The 8 most ridiculous hair myths of all time, according to an expert


When it comes to the dos and don’ts of our hair, we’re often told to follow certain rules. However, some of our biggest hair beliefs are being dispelled by hairstylist, James Welsh, in his video debunking what he calls the most “stupid” hair myths of all time. 

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1. Washing your hair too often strips away natural oils

Comparing the act of washing your hair to washing your face (which we all do daily), James simply says to “keep it clean”.

For James, who wears product in his hair daily and lives in a polluted city, washing his hair every day is a necessity.. As for stripping it of ‘natural oils in the process, he says this isn’t an inevitable result.

2. Trimming your hair every 6 weeks will make it grow faster

Over time we get split ends, and those split ends grow to extend further up the hair strand. So while having regular trims will make your hair grow healthier, according to James, regular trims won’t make it grow faster.

3. Use certain hair products will cause hair loss

Nope. According to James, this is not true. 

He does however mention that if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid massaging gel or product directly into your scalp as it may cause dryness, which can lead to issues for hair growth.

5. Letting your hair dry naturally is better than blow-drying

“To an extent, yes” James reveals. Although, he also says that blow-drying isn’t the real issue. “What causes damage is product and pre-stylers with a high alcohol content,” he says, which can result in dryness and make your hair fall out. So while blow-drying is safe, James says while doing so, “it’s important to be mindful of the pressure”.

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6. Every grey hair you pluck, several will grow back

“It makes no sense, there is no science behind it”. Preach it James.

To put this out-there theory into perspective, James explains that if it were true, those with thinning hair would have an overnight solution… right?

So when it comes to greys, pluck them or keep them. It’s totally up to you.

7. If you don’t wash your hair, it’s going to wash itself

So the way this concept goes is that if you don’t wash your hair, your natural hair oils will wash it for you. 

Well, according to James this isn’t the case. Natural oils will cause greasy hair, which will cause hair to shed and become dirtier. 

8. Hair products are making your hair fall out

Image credit: @gentlehairdos

Hair products aren’t to blame when it comes to your hair falling out.

In fact, a few loose hairs in your hands and sink when washing isn’tcause for alarm at all. James says  “shampoo hasn’t made them fall out” and in fact, on average it’s normal to shed anywhere between 50 to 100 hairs a day. 

“Hair is dead, it’s already dead” he explains. “The only thing making it worse is pure bleach”, or high alcohol levels in certain products. 

So when it comes to washing your hair or adding some product here and there, James says it’s a-ok.“[The] only thing these products are doing is coating your hair, which comes off when you wash it.” 

Check out the rest of the video, here.

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Have you ever believed any of these?  What other hair myths have you heard?

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