3 surprising reasons your hair is greasy

3 surprising reasons your hair is greasy

Oily hair is like oily skin: for some, that’s just the way it is. Other times, it’s thanks to the habits we keep, or our hair type (fine-haired ladies will know the struggle).

And while we all take precautions to ensure we’re not caught out on date night with slicked-back strands, sometimes our hair is just greasy, no matter what we do.

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So, think you’re all out of options? Think again. If your tactics to prevent constantly touching and creative grease-free daily ‘dos just don’t cut the mustard, it might be time to consider the following. Here are three unsuspecting ways you might be turning up the grease.

Your hormones

We all know the contraceptive pill plays a major role in monitoring hormone levels, but did you know this change can also encourage excess sebum production? If you’ve noticed your scalp has been getting greasier since you started taking the medication, consult your GP for further advice.

Humid weather

When the weather is hot and sticky, it can really have an effect on our hair. The more humid the weather, the more oil your scalp produces. A dry shampoo will eliminate any unwanted grease at the scalp as well as add volume, not to mention let you get another day in between washes.

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Low vitamin B levels

If your goal is to have lustrous locks that stay clean and fresh for longer, be sure to eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin B which prevents sebum production. Not sure where to get your dose of the good stuff? Stock up on greens, beans, meat, fish, eggs and bread. A revamp in your diet might help you kick that extra grease, for good!

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Does your hair get greasy easily? Do you have any interesting tips on how to prevent it?

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  1. My hair has always been oily, just like Mum’s, so I put it down to genetics.

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia (inability to absorb Vitamin B12), but that’s only been recent – I don’t think it’s affected my lifelong oiliness.

    I like clear, deep-cleansing shampoos. TRESemmé has been my favourite for years.

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