Blonde ambition

Blonde ambition

My hubby Matt went for a haircut recently and came back looking younger and, well, sexy! Now don’t get me wrong, my husband is both of those things, but there was something completely different about him. Not only did he have a new haircut, but a new colour too.

And this inspired me: I decided to stray from my customary chestnut mane and take a chance with a colour change…

Now this is a pretty huge step for me as I’ve had the same golden foils and chestnut semi for years. So to help me with my colour challenge, I chatted to the Queen of Hairdressing, Caterina DiBiase from Heading Out in Melbourne.  

“Because we like a colour we tend to stick with it for years,” says Caterina, “the result is a hair colour that hasn’t changed, even though we have. Our skin-tone changes, as does our shape, and let’s face it, what looked great a few years ago is looking a little tired now! And more often than not, the colour is too dark and we need to lighten up as we get older and paler.” 

Thanks to Caterina, I learnt a few fantastic tips on achieving new-look locks:
– Bright blondes can be harsh on ‘less than perfect’ skin, so soften the tone and use brighter blonde to add a highlight.
– Let your eye colour and skin tone direct your new shade.
– For the last twenty years women have used blonde highlights to achieve a sun-kissed look, but for luscious, shiny and healthy tresses try a richer blonde.
– If you’re pale, darker tones of bonde look great combined with some softer shades strategically placed around the face. If you’ve always been darker and are ready for a real change, choose a new shade of blonde.

Being a typical Libran, all these hair choices have left me dizzy – spicy brunette or beautiful blonde?

Will you be opting for a colour change this winter?

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