Get it now: Kate Middleton hair

Get it now: Kate Middleton hair

While most would envy Kate Middleton for her position as future Queen of England, in the beautyheaven office the main cause of our jealousy is definitely her hair. Aside from the fact that it literally screams good health and vitality, and she never, ever seems to have a bad hair day, Kate also has the knack of pulling off the half-up-half-down ‘do in a way that makes it look chic and stylish – and not at all like it’s picture day at primary school (which is always the case when I attempt this look.)

So how does she do it? Well, we’re guessing she’s got an army of hair aficionados at her beck and call. And luckily for us, do too! We enlisted the help of Sarah Laidlaw, Remington Hair Stylist, to show us exactly how to recreate Kate Middleton’s hairstyle from the comfort of your own home – no royal entourage required! Watch on above for your easy-peasy tutorial…

Here’s a sneak peek at the final look:

Starring product:
Remington Styles Unlimited (a seriously nifty do-everything-you-could-possibly-want hair tool)

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s hair? Are you as envious of it as we are? Have you tried the Remington Styles Unlimited before?

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