Get hot hair: meek to chic

Get hot hair: meek to chic

Hate the fact that your mild-mannered mane needs constant teasing to achieve even the smallest amount of volume ? You’d do well to read on…

It doesn’t matter how you style it, flat, oily, limp locks are like dead weight. And let’s face it, hair that hangs, flat to your face is not in the least bit attractive. So how do you get some va va voom? With the right products, ladies…

Rejoice in the fact that you can bounce back from hair that’s got as much bounce as a deflated beach ball. So whether your locks have been trapped under a wide-brimmed beach hat or you’ve had your hair in a tight up ‘do all day long, a sexy style can be yours.

Go from beach to the bar with a blast of Boho Batiste Dry Shampoo. This adds a breath of fresh air to sticky, salty locks – instantly absorbing any built-up oil, and supplying a sweet smell injection.
Next up, quickly turn your head upside down –  flicking your hair over for added volume. Spritz some Indola Innova Move Restructure & Volume Spray on the roots, and a smidgen on the ends and rustle fingers through. Flick hair back, pin into a side ponytail that cascades down your left shoulder and voila! Meek to chic.

What is your secret to sexy hair?

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