Friends Flashback: The beauty evolution of Rachel, Monica and Phoebe

Friends Flashback: The beauty evolution of Rachel, Monica and Phoebe

Friends is obviously one of the greatest shows ever with one of the most stellar casts of all time (especially the ladies).

Also stellar, however, were the many hair and makeup looks that graced our screens over the series’ 10 season run – because while Phoebe was a superstar songwriter, Rachel was a style queen and Monica was the OG Marie Kondo, they also knew a thing or two about the beauty game.

None of them ever fell victim to a Ross-style tanning incident, and Monica’s ‘humidity hair’ issue was only a thing once – it was Barbados for crying out loud. Let’s just say, if beauty ‘unagi’ were a thing, these three would be the masters.

We’ve rounded up the gang’s best beauty looks from all 10 seasons of the show (plus a glimpse at how gorgeous they are today!). Grab an abnormally large Central Perk coffee mug and settle in; it’s going to be a ride.

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Rachel: Season 1

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ cut may have been one of the most iconic things to stem from the show, but it actually wasn’t part of her character’s look from the get go – the first season was all about major volume (and very minimal makeup – Rachel Green’s Season 1 skin is still atop our beauty wish lists).

Rachel: Season 2

Here we have it: the infamous cut. Jen chopped her locks into this bouncy, square-layered style for the second season, and Friends fans everywhere followed suit. Also big in 1995? Brown lippie.

Rachel: Season 3

Rachel’s season three look saw her experimenting with a chocolate-caramel hybrid hair colour and longer layers. The ‘Rachel’ may not have lasted long, but the 90s nude lip was still going strong.

Rachel: Season 4

Back to bronde, Rachel’s longer cut sparked the ‘straight but shaped’ style trend, where the texture was smooth and straight, but the shape framed the face, curving inwards at the ends.

Rachel: Season 5

Maybe it was the gig at Ralph Lauren, maybe it was an attempt to distract Ross from saving his marriage, but Rachel seriously upped her makeup game in season five to something a little more glam, switching her neutrals for berries.

Rachel: Season 6

We’ll say it: season six was her BEST. Hair. Ever. It was super long, a bit bohemian and crazy chic. She rocked it straight and curly throughout, but this done-yet-undone look was our absolute fave.

Rachel: Season 7

Aaaand it’s gone. We won’t pretend we weren’t sad to see the long locks go, but hey, when you’ve got this kind of bone structure, everything works. Apparently even hair barrettes.

Rachel: Season 8

2001 basically doubled as the year of lip gloss, and Rachel was very much on board. She also made a return to a slightly longer, sleeker take on the ‘Rachel’. Love.

Rachel: Season 9

Now this is how you do texture. Rachel is rocking the beach hair look – the fact that it was the dead of winter in New York is irrelevant – salt spray was on her side. She even appears to have opted for a little kohl liner action, and we are here for it.

Rachel: Season 10

Ah, the very look that still has us considering cutting in a side fringe to this day; it was just the ultimate working-girl-chic hair-spo. And when you look this good in a nude gloss, why opt for anything else?

Jennifer Aniston: Now

All hail the modern-day ‘Rachel’ – Jen’s current do is still all about face framing layers and that perfect shade of heavenly highlighted bronde; because hey, when it works, it works. And somehow her skin looks even more amazing in 2019 than it did in 1994? Impressive.

Monica: Season 1

Monica Geller certainly started off the series strong – after all, nothing says 1994 like a whole lot of volume. Major kudos to her teasing comb. Also, her brows are surprisingly pretty lush (seeing as it was the 90s and everything).

Monica: Season 2

A piece-y front fringe, a matte chocolate lip and a too-cool-to-care half-up half-down hairdo? Good stuff, Geller.

Monica: Season 3

Neat, sharp and precise, this is Monica’s personality in haircut form. We’re still sad about losing the fringe – we get it, she’s a chef who probably doesn’t want her hair in her face… but it still hurts.

Monica: Season 4

Post-breakup haircuts are no joke, and Monica went hard at the hairdresser after calling it quits with Richard – it was the bob to end all bobs. Bonus points for the red lippie, too.

Monica: Season 5

This was the exact look that hooked in Chandler Bing, and it’s easy to see why. Textured curls, raspberry gloss, can’t lose.

Monica: Season 6

Monica spent the sixth season experimenting with a fresh cut and colour combo; longer length and a lighter milk chocolate hue. Lighter locks meant she could play with her makeup a little more too, opting for edgier looks like this bold berry lip.

Monica: Season 7

Season 7’s cut was more shapely and she even made a case for a choppy side fringe – not an easy thing to do. Bright pink gloss was big for her this year, too, and we’re not mad about it.

Monica: Season 8

If Monica’s goal was to look like her most magical self on her wedding day, she nailed it. This rich dark chocolate hair hue and centre-parted wave look is perfect on her.

Monica: Season 9

A subtle smokey eye and a slick of rosy gloss is always a winning combo, but it’s the swooping side fringe we’re really loving. Full marks for the glossy blow dry too.

Monica: Season 10

Monica closed out the series with the same shoulder length jet-black locks she started with – still plenty of volume, just a little less, uh, height, to bring the look out of the 90s and into the 00s. And no, she doesn’t need a scalp scrub – it’s just snow!

Courteney Cox: Now

Court is as glowing and gorgeous ever in present day, and we’re glad to see the season eight-esque flowing centre-parted waves won out in the end. It’s also a serious shame Friends aired before HDTV was a thing – we never even knew just how piercingly blue her eyes were.

Phoebe: Season 1

All hail the OG accessory icon. This scrunchie-adorned side pony screamed 90s at the time, but TBH we’d 100 per cent opt for this style in 2019 too. Good start, Phoebs.

Phoebe: Season 2

Um, hello dream blowout. Phoebe spent season two serving up the shiny, swishy strands of our fantasies – she was #hairgoals long before it was even a thing.

Phoebe: Season 3

Only Phoebe would opt for a metallic barette on a beach trip. For Season three she kept the volume but ditched the side-fringe, reclaiming her status as ‘queen of all hair accessories’.

Phoebe: Season 4

Pregnancy teaches you a lot – for Phoebe, one of the major lessons was how to nail a messy updo. Twist it round, tie it up, pull out some face-framers and add a funky clip – done.

Phoebe: Season 5

Half up, half down, 100 per cent weird, 100 per cent wonderful. I mean we’re all aware of her, uh, unique running style, what did we expect, a simple beach wave?

Phoebe: Season 6

Regular braids were too basic for Miss Buffay, so she added some red rhinestones to jazz up the look. We don’t want to over-praise, but we swear she’s also wearing a metallic lip to match…

Phoebe: Season 7

Never one to leave a look under-accessorised, Phoebe even managed her add a sprinkle of her signature kooky character to straight hair – if anyone knows her straightener of choice, hit us up; those are some sleek strands.

Phoebe: Season 8

To be honest, we miss the hair accessories, but Phoebe sure can rock a front fringe. We’re also keen to know who her colourist is – this golden blonde is deliciously good.

Phoebe: Season 9

A subtle smokey eye and nude lip pairing was her signature season nine makeup look. Add sleek hair and a chic centre part and you’ve got yourself a classic.

Phoebe: Season 10

She clearly decided creamy blonde is her colour and stuck with it, but the subtle curtain bangs are a welcome addition. What a way to close out a chapter.

Lisa Kudrow: Now

Like a fine wine, Lisa. We love that she stuck with the lighter locks – this icy vanilla blonde is still absolutely stunning on her. And that skin? Ridiculously radiant.

Main image credit: Getty Images Image credits: Warner Bros. Television Were you a big Friends fan? Which look is your favourite?

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