The Face Australia episode one – our favourite moments


Picture this.

You walk into a room, see your dream of making it big in the modelling world dangling in front of you and then see three of the world’s best supermodels before you. All hands on hips and practiced poses, telling you that if you want to succeed in this business, you have to really work for it.

That’s what 24 young hopefuls had to go through in episode one of Fox 8’s The Face last night. Superstar judges Naomi Campbell, Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio told the aspiring models that by the next day, half of them would be gone. Cue panic. The only way to save their spot was to succeed in a photo shoot challenge. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

The Face Australia judges: Cheyenne Tozzi, Naomi Campbell and Nicole Trunfio.

Most photo shoots allow hundreds of images and at least a couple of hours of pre-shoot preening in hair and make-up. This shoot? Not a stitch of make-up allowed and just one shot to get the perfect photo. That’s right, the models had just one chance to impress the pants off their supermodel idols. Talk about your worst nightmare. While some girls got inventive with hair flips, quirky profile shots and (awkward) poses involving their hands, it was the girls that stuck to Naomi’s brief (of a less-is-more whole face shot, sans hands) that impressed the judges most.

It was sink or swim for the young models – and if you weren’t clutching your chest at the less-than-perfect results of their single shots you were sure to be cringing at Nicole and Naomi’s stand offs over getting girls like Sarah to come onto their team. Naomi even stormed off set after Nicole tried to persuade Sarah that she would give her more of her time than Naomi would. Meow.

So after episode one, a few things are definitely clear: the competition is fierce, I’m addicted (hook, line and sinker) and Naomi Campbell is fabulous (and totally scary!)

What would be your strategy if you had one chance to take a photo with no make-up in front of three modeling heavyweights? Who are you going for already? (Obviously, I like Olivia)

Tune into The Face Australia, Tuesdays 9pm on FOX8, only on Foxtel

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