5 big hair sins you’re definitely guilty of committing


Many of us tend to our shampooing and conditioning with the satisfaction that we’re doing everything right. Shampooing opens the cuticle to clean, conditioning closes and treats the hair. It’s pretty much that simple, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

The fact is there are a few sins that you’re more than likely committing all the time, all the while completely being unaware of the damage you’re causing your locks. Check out five of the biggest hair sins we’re all guilty of making– and how you can rectify your hair-ruining ways…

#1: not using a heat protection product

Many of us just grab the straightener and start straightening or curling our hair until the style is achieved. If you’ve ever wondered why your frizzy bits just won’t behave, or your hair won’t curl all that well, it could be because it’s so damaged by your heat styling products, that it’s just too bruised and beaten to perform. Spritzing a heat protecting spray to your dry locks, or applying one to your wet hair, before you go anywhere near your hair creates a shield that protects your hair from the heat – and makes your hair more pliable during styling.

Try: TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Heat Protection Mist and Natures Organics Organic Care Heat Protect Shampoo and Conditioner

#2: being too brief with your hair masque

Did you know that leaving your hair masque on for any less than recommended on the packaging is pretty worthless? Each formulation may need a different amount of time to allow the ingredients to reach into your cuticle and treat and repair the damage, so that’s why they’ve put the leave-in time on the packaging. Any less and the active ingredients just sit on top of the cuticle, rather than penetrate into the cuticle of the hair. Fun fact, too: if you leave your treatment on for any longer than recommended, you’re not getting any additional benefits.

Top treatments to try: Suigo Rose Energy Hair Treatment and Schwarzkopf Essence ULTÎME Omega Repair Intensive Mask

#3: using the wrong hair ties

Using the wrong hair ties can spell havoc for your hair. Not only can they cause unsightly kinks, ties with metal elements are known for causing a considerable amount of hair breakage – especially if you like to tie them tightly around your hair so that they feel secure. The best ties to go for are the snag-free kind, or ties that are pretty and allow you to rock loose styles that don’t call for a slicked-back ‘do.

Try: LYXO Hair Bands (10 pack, $8.95, 1300 677 271), Tangle Teezer Invisi-Bobble ($10.95 for 3, tangle-teezer.com.au) and Lady Jayne Digital Romance Value Pack

#4: washing your hair daily

When we leave a few days between washes, our hair is able to produce natural oils that work to lubricate our scalp and hair follicles, keeping them healthy. Daily washing rids your hair of these oils and can make your hair and scalp over-cleansed and very dry. If your hair is oily, try using a shampoo for oily hair and team it with a dry shampoo that will extend the life of your ‘do.

Try: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Clarifying Astringent Cleanser Cleansing Oil Shampoo and Paul Mitchell Dry Wash™

#5: top knots

The good ol’ top knot isn’t as much of a hairstyle hero as once thought. You see, many of us turn to this style whenever we’re having a less-than-awesome hair day – and many of us tie it way too tightly. As the ends of our hair are the last bit to be wrapped around, they cop most of the brunt from the elastic, which is why the ends of your hair always look a little weird and kinky when you take out your top knot. That kinky look is actually the damaged ends of your hair and split ends are sure to follow. To overcome this, mix up your hairstyle wardrobe and use bobby pins to secure the ends of your knot when possible.

Which hair sins are you guilty of committing? Which crucial hair care step do you always forget?

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