They say a change is as good as a holiday, and what better way to change your look than by doing something a little different with your hair. Being the easiest part of your body to ‘shake up’, hair is perfect when it comes time to experiment with different looks and express yourself.
With so many different possibilities out there, it’s time to ban that plain-Jane pony and poker straight ‘do and take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest hair looks we’re loving, straight from Hollywood and the catwalks…







Olivia Wilde’s ‘sausage’ pony

Though this may look like something you did when you skipped off to pre-school all those years ago, Wilde makes it look, well, all the more wild. The ‘sausage’ pony looks exceptionally eye-catching when teamed with some serious balayage and a good set of false lashes. Here’s how to get the look at home:


  1. Wash and straighten your hair. (Note: you don’t need to have a fringe to rock this look, but if you do, make sure you blow dry it so it’s full and blunt.) Otherwise part your hair in the middle before straightening.
  2. Apply a glossy serum to the roots and tips; we love Wella Professionals Brilliance Color Protection Serum.
  3. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and fasten with a hair band. (If you want more length, add some extensions. We prefer Scunci Faux Hair 18” Brunette Clip in Pony Tail.
  4. Grab some small clear hair elastics. Scunci Grooming Clear Polybands are perfect.
  5. Section your pony into 4-6 parts (depending on length) and apply a clear elastic at each point until you reach the end.
  6. Pull some hair loose in each section to make the pony look fuller and give it more of a plumper ‘sausage’ effect.


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What do you think of the 'sausage' pony?