How to find the perfect curler for your hair

How to find the perfect curler for your hair

When it comes to curls, the important thing to remember is that one size doesn’t fit all.

While some of us want picture perfect brushed-out curls, others are after a beachy, boho kind of look – and it can be difficult to find just one tool that can create all kinds of styles.

Enter ghd. Thanks to its new range of curve hair curlers, you don’t have to settle for a curler that doesn’t help you achieve your chosen curl look. Take our short quiz to discover which ghd curve curler is perfect for you!

1: What is your hair type?

a)    Long and fine-heavy thickness
b)    Long-medium length, thick and voluminous
c)    Short-medium length and fine
d)    Short-medium length and fine-thick

2: What is your idea of a perfect day out?

a)    A three-course lunch at a posh restaurant
b)    A day spent at a summer BBQ
c)    A girls’ picnic
d)    Beachside cocktails by the sea

3: What piece of clothing is on high rotation in your wardrobe?

a)    A little black dress
b)    Boyfriend jeans
c)    A long, flowing skirt
d)    A floral maxi dress

4:  What kind of fragrances do you like?

a)    Deep, musky and seductive
b)    Fresh and modern
c)    Sweet and fruity
d)    Fun and floral

5: Who is your hair muse?

a)    Dita Von Teese
b)    Blake Lively
c)    AnnaSophia Robb
d)    Gisele Bundchen

6: What kind of curl look do you like most?

a)    Old Hollywood waves
b)    Tumbling, tousled curls
c)    Picture perfect curls
d)    Boho waves

Scroll down to find out which curler is perfect for your hair…

If you answered mostly As:

Your perfect ghd curve tool is: ghd curve classic wave wand
Allow your inner screen siren to shine with this oblong-shaped curling wand. The unique shape allows you to create deep set, Old Hollywood waves that are ultra feminine. Its large barrel means you can curl bigger pieces of hair at a time, creating the ultimate finger wave curls. Complete with patented tri-zone technology, the ghd curve classic wave wand heats up quickly and maintains an even temperature throughout styling.  It also features a ceramic coating for smoother, more perfect looking waves.

If you answered mostly Bs:

Your perfect ghd curve tool is: ghd curve soft curl tong
Looking for a way to curl your long, heavy hair without having to sit there for hours? Do you want to be able to create tumbling, tousled, super sexy locks? Then the ghd curve soft curl tong is the one for you! Complete with a large 32mm barrel, the sophisticated tong allows you to softly curl and add volume to your strands at the same time. With patented tri-zone technology, the innovative tong maintains an optimum styling temperature of 185ËšC and can be used to create a variety of looks.

If you answered mostly Cs:

Your perfect ghd curve tool is: ghd curve classic curl tong
Have you always wanted to be able to create perfect curls? If your girly side is pining after some cuter-than-cute curls, this is definitely the tong for you. The medium-sized 26mm tong allows you to nail a range of gorgeous curly looks and is perfect for those with fine hair as it can handle using even the smallest sections of hair. Better still, the patented tri-zone technology means the tong maintains an optimum styling temperature of 185ËšC.

If you answered mostly Ds:

Your perfect ghd curve tool is: ghd creative curl wand
If beachy, boho waves are your thing, then you’re going to love working with the ghd creative curl wand. The tapered conical wand makes creating ultra laidback, natural waves easy.  It features patented tri-zone technology to keep waves in place for longer as well as six quick-thinking sensors to maintain the optimum temperature for styling. This user-friendly tool is an ideal one to have in your arsenal as it creates a variety of styles to match your mood, whatever that may be!

Which hair styler is perfect for you? Which curl look do you like the most?

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