Fascination, guaranteed

Fascination, guaranteed

As the Melbourne Cup is hot on our heels, we should all have our outfits in place and our headwear well and truly sorted…

Except if you’re me. And you don’t… Oops.

You may think that’s not a big deal, but I have been harping on about Melbourne Cup and the fascinator fanfare for weeks now – but it seems I’m yet to sort my own self out.

I had forgotten all about it, until I stumbled across my good friend Matt in this blog from around the same time last year. How he wears his fascinator with such finesse. I was so inspired I vowed my hunt for the perfect headwear would begin now, and I’d come up trumps – with something totally fashions-on-the-field-worthy – come tomorrow’s race.

I hit up Diva and Sportsgirl online to come up with some possibilities for both Matt (who wouldn’t be caught dead in the same headwear two years running!) and for myself. I plan to nip out in my lunch break tomorrow to pick one up, so I guess all I really need is for you guys to tell me which ones Matt and I should be wearing to the Melbourne Cup celebrations? (Note to you guys – all options go with our outfits – hence the sticky situation!)

Option 1:Diva Vintage Fascinator, $19.99 – classic racing headwear, part feminine, part vixen and a whole lot of hot.

Option 2:Sportsgirl Pleated Turban, $19.95 – not so classic, but definitely a fashion-forward statement. And I do love a turban, can’t you tell from my signature below?

Option 3:Diva Mini Black Hat Fascinator, $16.99 – a nod to the masculine brand offemininity. Top hats are set to be HUGE. I like the idea of toughening up a girly dress with something like this.

Option 4:Sportsgirl Posy Headband, $14.95 – what can I say? I was taken by the colourful garland, it’s such a great way to brighten up an outfit and let your inner hippy shine through.

What kind of headwear will you be sporting tomorrow?

Which hats should Matt and I go for tomorrow?

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