This Simple Hair Trick Will Give You An Instant Facelift

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Kate Middleton’s hair is always going to cause envy. And while we may already be privy to her favourite shampoo, her hairdresser just spilled the beans on another secret. Writing his own piece for the Daily Mail, Richard Ward revealed the hair trick that’s like ‘having an instant facelift’ — yep, his exact words.

The concept is simple, although he explains that the execution is more advanced. Alright, we’ll stop stalling… it’s tucking your hair behind your ears.

You’re probably thinking ‘as if’, but looking at some side-by-side comparisons, we certainly do notice a difference. And when browsing photos from the Duchess’ more recent public appearances, the subtle change seems to be sticking around.

Ward wrote that pulling her hair back, “opened up her face, showing off her gorgeous bone structure in a striking manner.”

Kate isn’t the only one in on the secret, though. Richard pointed out a few other long-haired celebrities who have started to style their hair this way too. But unfortunately, he says the key to pulling it off isn’t just a two-second tuck.

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“Every one of the A-listers you see in these photographs will have had their hair expertly slicked back for them by a professional who will have spent a good 90 minutes painstakingly getting it all just so.”

The trick is that it’s not the ears themselves that are keeping the hair back. You’ll notice, if you look closely, that the hair is styled flat and sleekly to the head for a good 2-3 centimetres above the top of the ear.

And as we all know, drawing the eye up gives the illusion of everything else being ‘up’. Voilà, instant facelift.

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How to pull off the ‘facelift’ hair trick

Despite the above sentiments, you don’t need a full glam squad to give it a go yourself. Perhaps just a little patience…

Step 1: Blow-dry your hair to a smooth finish.

Step 2: Use styling products or a hair straightener to ensure every last kink and hint of frizz is tamed.

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Step 3: One section at a time, set your strands into place behind your ears, using wax or gel to secure.

Step 4: Use hairspray and a toothbrush to tame any flyaways.

Do you think this hair trick makes a difference? Is it something you might try?

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  1. I thought the tip was going to be a super tight ponytail: that works, but – ouch!

    When I wear a half-pony, I pull the hair up from low down at the front – directly above my ears & it does appear to have a lifting effect.

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