Eco chic

Eco chic

It’s a common misconception that, aesthetically speaking, caring for the environment means not caring for yourself. I’m here to quash those rumours once and for all with a little help from hairdresser David Babaii, who shows us green really is the new black with his au natural tips and tricks this Earth Day.

Babaii knows glamour – he styled Angie for the Oscars – and lucky for us, he also knows green. According to him, the house is an excellent source of eco-friendly styling products and tools. His double-duty recommendations:

A new, un-used toothbrush “can be used to back brush hair close to the scalp for volume.” It’s also good to target flyaways.

Retro glamour alert: “soda pop can do the trick of setting hair and achieving large, lopped curls.” For that ‘50s frill “use ribbons and scarves (even ones that wrapped a gift) to add some jazz to your ‘do.” Both offer environmentally-friendly choices for a DIY ‘do.

Don’t discard tumble dryer sheets: “there’s usually some fragrance left over in them to freshen up combs and brushes with a quick wipe.” It’ll help in the battle against static also.

How to: keep your hair fresh without a shampoo

To avoid excess oil or product build-up (plus save on water use), Babaii recommends “sprinkling a bit of baby powder throughout the hair. It acts as a dry shampoo which helps eliminate oil and leaves a fresh scent throughout the day.” Bh recommends Johnson’s® baby Powder with Pure Cornstarch. “Alternatively, you can use a damp cotton pad and dab around the hairline to eliminate any excess oil.” If you go for the second option, remember you can spritz the pad with “a light, oil-free fragrance or a few drops of fresh lemon to give hair that clean smell.”

How to: wake up with a style

Babaii recommends washing hair the night before to save time and electricity. For a killer hairdo, “when hair is slightly damp, place in a messy ponytail, twisting sections tight or loose to achieve various textures. Then, once secured, spray with a David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray.” The next morning, undo the ponytail where an effortless, eco-chic look will be awaiting you.

Ps. 10 per cent of the profits of David Babaii for WildAid products go to WildAid. What are your thrifty tips for looking good? 


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