5-Minute Hairstyles You Can Learn From TikTok

5-minute tiktok hairstyles

We all have those days when we roll out of bed dreading the state of our hair, and wondering how we’re going to pull together an office-worthy hairstyle that won’t make us late (or maybe that’s just me…).

But thankfully TikTok has saved the day with plenty of lazy girl hairstyles that will give you that Princess Diaries transformation feeling in less than 5 minutes. From claw clips to “the perfect bun”, these quick and easy hairstyles will take the stress out of your morning and are perfect for second (and third) day hair — just add dry shampoo.

Ultimate low bun

Blessed by Kim Kardashian’s favourite hairstylist, this chic low bun look is perfect for everyday wear. All you need is an elastic and some pins!


This is how to create the perfect bun! Thank you @kittybluuuu #hairtutorial #hair #bun

♬ Forever – Labrinth

Claw clip hack

Claw clips are without a doubt one of our favourite comeback trends and can help you create a hairstyle in literally seconds. Whether you’re French-twisting, going for a bun or trying this half-up claw clip style, you can’t go wrong.

Try: Lady Jayne Claw Grip ($4.99 at Chemist Warehouse)

Twisted pony

This style is perfect for adding volume to your ponytail and will work on any hair length. Opt for small polybands over clear elastics for the side twists to help reduce any breakage.

Hair scarf pony

A hair scarf is the ultimate way to add a pop of colour or pattern to your outfit, and this dreamy look will without a doubt become a go-to for us this winter.

Braided pony

Perfect for thick hair, this low-fuss braided ponytail will elevate both workday and weekend looks. Take it to the next level with some statement hair pins or braid in a hair scarf for a pop of colour.

Which one of these easy hairstyles is your favourite?

Main image credit: @zendaya

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  1. Nice ideas but my hair is so soft nothing will stay the way I want it to. That said, I’m not very creative with hairstyles and have given up. Not even bobby pins stay in unless they are a meter long 🙂

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