5 lazy girl hairstyles to suit all occasions 2019

5 lazy girl hairstyles to suit all occasions 2019

Every morning I wake up, drink my coffee, put on a full face of make up, and…barely touch my hair. Because no matter how much time I have to get ready in the morning, I somehow manage to avoid spending more than 5 minutes on my hair.

There’s just something so draining about doing your hair. I don’t find it nearly as fun as doing my makeup so if I can take a short cut, I will! This has made me an expert in quick and easy hairstyles for the lazy girl.

Here are my 5 favourite lazy girl hairstyles that you can do in under 5 minutes and that suit all occaisons!

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Casual top knot

You’ve probably (unknowingly) been doing it for years, in the bathroom while you take your make-up off or when you apply a face mask, but never beyond the confines of your home. Scrap that thought, right now, because it’s time to turn the top knot into your go-to lazy girl style that suits all occaisons. Keep it messy and deshevelled for a more casual look, or dress it up with clips or a scarf, like Chloe Morello, for a chicer look.

Image via @chloemorello

The half-up half-down bun

Nothing says, “I’m effortlessly chic” quite like the laidback half-up half-down bun. Simply pull half your hair back into a casual bun and you’re good to go. Similar to the top knot, you can wear this style for a casual afternoon brunching with friends and running errands, or you can give it more structure with a little heat styling and holding spray to dress it up.

Image via @lucyhale

Natural waves

Naturally curly or wavy hair should be embraced, not shunned. If you got it, rock it! Run some smoothing serum and curl holder through your hair after the shower and let your hair air dry. Take a wand to any pieces that aren’t sitting exactly how you’d like, but don’t go overboard! The look is appealing because it’s natural and dishevelled. 

Image via @leamichele

Sleek and simple pony

A slicked back ponytail is one of the quickest and easiest hairstyles for all hair types. Just brush it back, tie it up, and add some holding spray! If your natural tresses aren’t tame enough to rock this style, try heat styling just the ponytail part once it’s pulled back to keep this look super quick and low maintenance. 

Image via @marianna_hewitt

Low ponytail

The low ponytail (with middle part) is another alternative to the sleek and simple pony. Achieve this look by running a straightener over your hair, parting it down the middle, and slick it back into a low pony. This hairstyle works especially well if you have medium to long hair!

Image via @tammyhembrow

What are your go-to lazy girl hairstyles?

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  1. A good top knot is honestly the greatest when you're having a really bad hair day. Just slick away the little fuzzy hairs with hairspray try and make it look neat, it's allll good.

  2. I personally think that this isn't just for lazy individuals. It is also perfect for those who are into productivity. The less time you spend on your hair, the more work you could get out of it. We would love to make our hair more presentable, be it for work or even a casual outing with friends. That takes a lot of time and preparation. This article is perfect for me. I even invested in a hairdryer mix into a brush to save more time.

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