6 Easy Bun Hairstyles That You Can Create In Mere Minutes

6 Easy Bun Hairstyles That You Can Create In Mere Minutes

Unless you’re really trying to impress your gym instructor, there aren’t many beauty looks that are suitable for both a spin class and your wedding day. However, out of all the easy updo styles, the versatile bun can easily transform your look from comfortable to elegant with just a few simple adjustments.

So if you need hair inspiration for your next event, or want to add another casual style to your repertoire, take a look at these six easy bun styles that you could recreate in minutes.

Undone top knot

In other words, organised chaos. A relaxed, soft style that is the best friend of second-day hair. Add a spritz of Fudge Membrane Gas ($17.55 at Oz Hair & Beauty) if you’re in need of extra texture and be on your merry way.

Ballet Bun

Embrace your inner ballerina and your dirty hair. To eliminate flyaways, spray a toothbrush with hairspray, or use a hair mascara wand like the Slick Stick ($24.99, Slick Hair Company) and the StayX Hair Perfecting Wand ($39.95 at StayX)

Top knot with fringe

Running low on time? Spend what moments you’ve got left tending to your fringe and throw the rest of it up. Simple.

Tail-tucked pony

You’ll be amazed at how one small tweak to a low and loose ponytail can transform you from sloppy to chic.

Sleek with side pieces

Who said sideburns weren’t pretty? Certainly not us. Simply slick your hair into a middle-part bun and bring forward two piecey strands to run down either side of your face. It’s undone but elegant.

Tousled knot

Conceal your hair elastic to create the illusion that your thick, luscious locks are the only thing holding your bun in place. To give your hair some grit, we recommend using the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray ($14.99 at Chemist Warehouse)

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  1. I love the messy pieces around the face in vogue at the moment. Though my dead straight hair doesn’t do it as well as curly hair gals, I got my wonderful hairdresser to cut some shorter strands around my face to frame it too if I want to wear my hair up. Its fun to have something other than just long hair around the face!

  2. I’m hopeless in creating a comfortable sitting bun that stays in place. My hair is very fine but thick shoulder length and it does everything except what I want it to.

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