Dyson AirWrap review

Dyson AirWrap review

As soon as they announced the release of a new hair tool, I knew I’d be writing this Dyson AirWrap review. After all, when it comes to Dyson, the hype is real – whether they’re releasing a new vacuum or, as they did in 2016, changing the hair game with an innovative styling tool like the SuperSonic. But hype is one thing, performance (and value for money!) is another – so is the Dyson AirWrap really worth it? Let’s break it down.

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Like the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the new Dyson Airwrap is all about styling the hair without damaging it. “We have been obsessively manipulating airflow for more than 25 years. It is one of our core expertise,” said founder and inventor James Dyson of the AirWrap. “Harnessing the power of Dyson’s digital motor we have engineered a truly unique styling tool preventing extreme heat damage when styling.”

So we know it’s safe for your hair, we know it’s powerful but you probably didn’t land here out of a passion for hair science – like me, you probably just want to know what the Dyson AirWrap can do for you. The good news? The Dyson AirWrap can do a lot. Here’s why I reckon it could be worth the splurge.

  1. It’s safe for your strands

The signature Dyson digital motor powers the tool to utilise what is called the Coanda effect, which occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and, due to differences in pressure, the air flow attaches itself to that surface.

Using this principle, Dyson’s team of aerodynamicists spent more than six years developing the AirWrap and created a way to style hair using only air combined with heat – which means it’s much less taxing on your hair.

  1. It styles hair from wet to dry

Unlike your regular styler, the Dyson AirWrap works best on damp hair. This is because of the hydrogen bonds that line each strand of your hair – when your hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds can be broken down to reset the natural style of your hair, priming it for styling.

What does this mean? Well it means the Dyson AirWrap could be your one-stop hair tool. It comes with a pre-styling dryer attachment that prepares all hair types for styling using a fast but diffused airflow. It’s designed to dry hair to the ideal moisture level (damp to touch) before using the AirWrap, so when used in conjunction with the other attachments, it could cut out the need for your traditional hair dryer altogether.

  1. You can create multiple styles with it

The Dyson AirWrap comes with seven attachments, including the pre-styling dryer plus six brushes and barrels that are designed for different hair types and styling finishes. Want a blow dry finish? Try one of the three brush attachments, each designed for distinct styles – soft smoothing brush for volume and body, firm smoothing brush for frizz-control or round volumising brush for the ultimate bounce.

Straightening my hair with the firm smoothing brush, which is best for thicker hair types

Then you’ve got the two AirWrap barrels, which harness the Coanda effect to curl the hair. The 30mm barrel creates voluminous curls or waves for most hair types, or tighter curls if you’ve got thick or coarse hair. The 40mm barrel is best for giving thicker hair types those loose, undone curls or waves that we’re all obsessed with. So whatever your hair type or chosen style, you’ve got options! It’s also really light and easy to use.

Using the 40mm barrel for big, bouncy waves

Okay, so my final thoughts – the cons are that you do need to use it on damp hair, which can be a bother if you just want to spruce up third-day lank locks. You can get around this by wetting your hair at tad, but still – it’s a bit annoying. You also need to change barrels when you curl, depending on the way you want the curl to go. Again, that’s totally fine, but it is an extra step.

At $699 the Dyson AirWrap is pricey and not everyone has the budget for that. But if you take into consideration the amount of styles you can create with it, and the fact that it can dry and style your hair at the same time, it’s looking like a better buy than the Dyson Supersonic, which retails for $499 and only dries the hair. So if you’ve got seriously damaged hair that  just can’t take another straighten or curl – or if you’re just looking for a sound beauty investment that does it all – the Dyson AirWrap might be for you. 

bh’s Nadine’s damaged hair shines after only one use of the Dyson Airwrap firm smoothing brush

If not, there are plenty of options on the market that are making hair styling safer for your strands. bh loves:Remington AIR3D™ Hair Dryer, VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler – VSP500A, ghd platinum+ hair straightener.

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