3 dry shampoo techniques you might not know but should

3 dry shampoo techniques you might not know but should

In an ideal world, we’d have freshly washed and sparkling clean hair every single day. But the truth of the matter is that we get sweaty, natural oils seep through, an expensive blow dry needs to be drawn out, and some mornings, a full hair wash routine is just more than we can handle. 

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So when it comes to surviving second, third, fourth and dare we say it fifth-day hair without looking like an oil slick, there’s one companion that we always keep close: dry shampoo. 

Now this is no *mic drop* moment, dry shampoo has been with us for some time now. But with its regular presence in our greasy hair rescue missions, we’ve collected a few unanswered questions over the years. 

Representing Pantene to celebrate the launch of their new dry shampoo foam (yes, a foam. Your hair looks wet upon application and then just as you begin to panic, it suddenly looks fresh and dry. It’s wild, try it) and spray, hair stylist Brad Mullins weighs in on exactly how we can get the most out of dry shampoo, and how to avoid doing any damage.

Use it for va-va-volume

Aside from masking dirty hair dramas, dry shampoo is brilliant at adding volume to flat, lifeless locks. For some added oomph and texture that doesn’t require using a hairspray, Brad suggests to “flip your hair upside down and apply dry shampoo to the mid lengths and ends for that fabulous full look” or better yet, “spray it onto your brush and then comb through your hair”, hello volume. 

Avoid powder residue

Often formulated with white, powdery residues, dry shampoos have primarily been suitable for blondes or lighter hair tones. However, Pantene’s Never Tell Dry Shampoo has been carefully crafted with a residue-free formula that eliminates any trace of its existence, no matter your hair colour. If you’re a brunette, you could also try a tinted dry shampoo like Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Tinted – as an added bonus it’ll help to cover any greys in between your colour sessions.

Master the post-workout touch-up

If  you’re a big fan of a  lunchtime workout, chances are you’ve got a dry shampoo taking up permanent residence in your exercise bag. The good news? Brad approves of the quick-spritz-and-blow-dry-blast onto sweaty hair, however, he reminds us not to “leave the blow dryer too close to the hair for too long to avoid heat damage”.

Main image credit: @bradmullinshairWhat is your fave dry shampoo? Do you have any application hacks?

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  1. I use batiste and waterless no residue one. Only in emergency cases (have so much fur and takes ages to wash, condition, mask and dry). Waterless is great, but towards the end of the bottle pressure is not good. Batiste sprays like mad! But the scents are too much.

  2. I dont use dry shampoo very often at all. I would mainly use it if I was travelling and unable to shower or wash my hair or if I was in hospital and unable to shower.

  3. Ha! I would never make it to a 5th day unwashed hair .. dry shampoo or not. But I do love dry shampoo for my 3rd day hair. I have had issues with the white powder residue though as I have dark hair. I’d like to try the Pantene Never Tell and see if it lives up to it’s promise 🙂

  4. Klorane is the best I’ve tried, but I often buy Batiste for their scent. (I haven’t tried the new Pantene one)

    My tip is to part my hair every 5cm or so & spray along the parts until I cover most of my scalp.

  5. I don’t use them that often, only when I’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times so I don’t have a favourite but I love that idea of the tinted stuff shampo to help mask the greys.

  6. i have fine hair although a lot of it, its quite fair. I do use the dry shampoo for volume, and on day 2, day 3 would only and could only be if i was having a day at home.
    I have tried after a workout, and iuts the worst thing i ever did

  7. I have previously tried (years ago) dry shampoo but with no success. It sounds like it need to give it another go. I like the sound of help to cover any greys especially between touch ups.

  8. Many years ago when I was just out of my teenage years I did use dry shampoo and also talc powder too which worked well on my blonde hair. Now I just wash my hair normally.

  9. I’m guilty of using dry shampoo regularly on day 3 lol! My favourite is Batiste, I’ve tried others but they aren’t as good. The Pantene foam sounds interesting, I’ll have a look out for it next time I’m shopping.

  10. I tried dry shampoo once but it didn’t do much for me. I’d rather just wash my hair. My hair and scalp are dry, so it probably works for people with oily hair and/or scalps.

  11. Used to use Batiste dry shampoo many years ago.
    Just started using same one again on my fringe only on the day I dont wash my hair (wash it every other day) gets too greasy otherwise.
    As im blonde the powder doesnt show up too much but I find it can make your hair static.
    I dont apply to the rest of my hair as my hair is ok until next wash

  12. I love seeing dry shampoo hacks but I’m not big on using it often. I don’t like the heaviness feeling. I prefer washing with shampoo or reduce oiliness when possible and will occasionally use as a quick fix or if I’m away.

  13. I’ve got a Muk dry shampoo, I won it in a competition from Beautyheaven (thank you!). As far as dry shampoo goes, it’s actually not too bad. I usually don’t like dry shampoo, but this one isn’t too bad at all.

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