Drew Barrymore Just Weighed In On Sarah Jessica Parker’s Ageism Comments


Did we need another reason to adore Drew Barrymore? Not really. In addition to being pure sunshine, she also gave us Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels and 50 First Dates.

But because she’s incredible through and through, she’s gone and given us one anyway, showing support for Sarah Jessica Parker (another of our faves), who recently spoke out about cruel feedback fired at her because she dared to let a little grey come through. Ridiculous, right?!

Drew decided to continue the dialogue around ageism and misogyny (while also widening the conversation to include body image), showing plenty of public support for Sarah Jessica’s prior comments on her daytime talk show, aptly titled The Drew Barrymore Show.

“We actually had a news story about Sarah Jessica Parker,” Drew explained, while physically bowing down to show her love and respect for the fellow actress. “I am loving her tone right now in this Vogue article, taking everybody to task a little bit on the hypocrisy of women being taken down about their age and how that doesn’t happen to men.”

“I grew up in an industry that was so about looks,” Drew continued, speaking to her own experience as a woman in Hollywood.

“If I heard one more person talk about how after 30, it’s over. I just was like ‘this is so toxic’. And women who were like ‘I’m afraid to get old, I’ve gotta keep it tight and get on that treadmill every day and eat a crumb’. I was like ‘you’re miserable!’”.

It was then that Drew grew so impassioned (we feel you, sister) that she turned the volume up to max, going on to yell “this is such bullshit, I hate it, I’m not gonna live my life according to these screwed up values!”

“Let her eat lunch! Women, go grey [and] go call your mother! I am just sick of it!” she continued, amidst the crowd’s cheers and laughter. “And anyone who touches SJP, meet me in a dark alley at 8pm tonight, I’m gonna take you down!” Women supporting women; we love to see it.

Drew’s fervent comments come just shortly after a few followers praised her on Instagram for allegedly opting to go the tweakment-free route.

“Aging with grace. Beautiful Drew,” one follower shared while another echoed the appreciation: “I’m grateful that I can point to you to show my daughter what real beauty is! No filters needed. No crazy surgeries. REAL! Authentic!! Loving yourself in your real skin. Thank you!”

Now while we do happen to vote in favour of doing whatever makes you feel your most confident (whether that means opting for Botox and fillers/a full face of makeup, deciding to go completely natural, or landing somewhere in between), we do also agree that it’s great to see a star looking both natural and fabulous. Just like SJP was with her greys for that matter…

Drew, we appreciate you, and we’re sure Sarah Jessica does too…

What’s your favourite Drew Barrymore movie?

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  1. Hear Hear Drew! We probably need someone like Oprah or Helen Mirren to chime in as well to keep this conversation going. It’s not just in Hollywood, it’s part of being employed in the real world as well.

  2. Drew is lovely – and she is so right we look for the sexy in mature men and forgive them greys -We are what we are inside and age doesn’t change that – True friends love you for you and age doesn’t change that -The rest don’t matter.

  3. I love Drew in everything. Love Wedding Singer, Blended, Never Been Kissed, He’s Just Not that Into You and pretty much all her movies.
    I thank no it’s ridiculous that there is so much pressure to look like a walking airbrushed filter. There’s this expectation that we are to remain eternally 20! God forbid we show a little grey 😱

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