Should you shampoo your hair twice? Yes, if you have this hair type…


There’s been a lot of buzz about hair washing lately.

From the benefits of co-washing to these weird dry shampoo alternatives, you’ve probably heard a lot of advice about how to tend to your tresses.

But curly or super thick-haired girls will want to pay special attention to this expert tip – it could take your strands from dry and unruly to smooth and silky (no extra conditioner required).

According to New York hair stylist and salon owner Liam Carey, if you usually only wash your strands a couple of times a week, double shampooing is the move for you. 

So, if you’re prone to putting off a hair wash (and even if you aren’t in the curly and/or super thick category), try shampooing your hair twice when the time comes. 

“By the time you’re ready to wash your hair, the goal is to deep-clean your roots while keeping your ends hydrated,” Carey says.

Makes sense. But how do you cut the grease at the roots without making the rest of your hair dry and ratty?

Well, you shouldn’t use the same formula for both washes, for a start. 

The first wash is about cleansing the hair – if your hair is a bit on the dry side, try a cleansing oil shampoo rather than your run-of-the-mill clarifying one (they’re gentler). 

“The primary function of a clarifying shampoo is to remove oil and product build-up without depositing much onto the hair,” says cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson. 

“Other shampoos try to balance the removal of oil and build-up by adding conditioning agents,” she says.

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The next step is a moisturising shampoo, which you should apply from the mid-lengths down, where it’s needed most. 

“Since this area of your hair is older, the elasticity isn’t the same as the new growth at the root, so you need to be careful not to dry it out,” says Carey. 

Finally, finish up with your usual conditioner to help seal the hair cuticle.

Now, I dare you to see if that doesn’t give you the perfect balance of squeaky clean and soft strands!

Here are some shampoo suggestions to get you started…



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