Does silicone damage your hair?

Does silicone damage your hair?

Q) Is it true that the silicone in shampoo and conditioner sticks to your hair so you can’t colour it properly? – Alannah, beautyheaven member

A) I can’t speak for all brands, but I know through research that the silicones in Pantene products don’t stick to or damage the hair. We’ve tested time and time again and the silicones that we use to protect the hair and give it a really good shine are sophisticated and are washed away when you next shampoo. So, no, using a Pantene shampoo and conditioner that has silicones in it won’t prevent you from colouring your hair. – Alison Roughley senior scientist for Pantene at Procter & Gamble.

Editor’s note: If you’re worried that residue from haircare products is hanging around in your locks, try using a clarifying formula every now and again and before colouring.

Image credit: Hair by Barney Martin for Hair Expo 2005

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