How to make your own flower crown


Create the ultimate springtime accessory that’s perfect for races, birthdays, weddings – or any other celebration – the flower crown! It’s such a beautiful way to add a touch of something extra to your look (without forking out the big bucks for a new dress every time). And the best news? It’s all DIY, baby.

Don’t worry – it’s super easy, and with an array of beautiful blooms on offer this spring, you can make one that’s unique to you. Watch bh’s Astrid make a bold statement with her flower crown – then try it yourself!


  • Scissors
  • Floristry tape
  • Wire
  • Ribbon
  • Flowers (between 3 – 4 different types, ranging in sizes. You can use fake ones if you prefer, however real flowers look – and smell – even better!)


Step 1

Take 6 – 8 pieces of floristry wire then separate them into two even groups. Twist the first group of wire around one another to make a singular piece of twisted wire. Do the same for the other group of wire.

Step 2

Now, take your two twisted pieces of wire and overlap them by 5cm in the middle, and join them together by twisting. Then, take a piece of floristry tape and wrap this around the joined pieces of wire to secure.

Step 3

Now you’re going to need to create loops on each end. Take one end of the wire and create a loop by twisting it back around the piece, then cover the joint with floristry tape, just like you did in Step 2. Repeat this process for the other side of the wire.

bh tip: Make sure you measure the length of your wire around your head so that you have at least a 5cm gap between each loophole at the back of your head.


Step 1

Cut your flowers, leaving around 2-3 cm of the stem, which you’ll need to secure to the wire structure.

Step 2

Next, take one of your “hero” flowers and place it on an angle close to the middle of your structure. Secure it to the wire by wrapping floristry tape around the stem. It should now look like this:

Step 3

Now use your medium sized and smaller flowers to create your own unique flower crown design until you have finished the entire structure. You’ll need to pull tight on your floristry tape to hold your flowers in place – especially the larger ones which are a bit heavier!

bh tip: Make sure you place your flowers close together to avoid any gaps, and keep a handful of filler flowers for the end in case you need them to fill any holes you’ve missed along the way.

Step 4

Once you’ve created your crown and you’re happy with the way it looks, take your ribbon and thread it through the two loops at the end of the structure. Place your crown on your head where you want it to sit and tie a bow with your ribbon to hold your crown in place.

Now that you have your beautiful, hand-made flower crown, finish off your look with a lip to match and you’re ready to go!

Did you enjoy watching our video on how to make a flower crown? Have you ever made one yourself before?

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