From frizzy-haired to fabulous!

From frizzy-haired to fabulous!

I remember playing with my Barbie as a little girl, when one day disaster struck: mum’s hairbrush, which I’d been elegantly styling Barbie’s hair with, became caught in Barbie’s lovely blonde locks. I was a quick thinking six-year-old and decided I’d solve the problem by cutting out the brush, leaving Barbie with rather lop-sided locks (I was obviously ahead of my time as it was a perfect asymmetrical style!).

I’d like to say that I grew out of my hasty hair decisions, but sadly it wasn’t only Barbie that got the chop.

You see I have a habit for making decisions that, on a good day, can be classified as brave, but on a not so good day, can be called plain stupid. For most, I take full responsibility, but some were not my fault. I have mum to thank for the fringe and bowl combo that I sported all through the 90s. Who would’ve thought I’d take inspiration from these crazy cuts (the fringe, not the bowl!) in 2008?

But I can stand up loud and, um, proud and share my wisdom with you all. Lesson one: take the posh-the-first-time-around crop (complete with highlights). I wish someone had pointed out that a crop might look good on people who have naturally straight hair but it doesn’t translate quite so well to frizzy-haired, awkward teenagers, who are looking for boys, not trying to look like one.

Lesson two: a boy not liking you is not, repeat not, a good enough reason to dye your hair black. Your granny will never forgive you, you’ll spend your life savings (all $50 of it!) on bronzer and even if you dress yourself head-to-toe in pink, some ‘funny’ person will always ask if you’re a Goth. Hilarious.

But the most important lesson I have learnt from making impulsive decisions is to keep making them. It was after a long and stressful day at the office that I first opted for the never-again fringe. The result? After years of mishaps I’ve snipped, trimmed and cut my way to a fabulous fringed hairstyle.

Fess up…what’s been your worst hairstyle?

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