SunSilk songstress

SunSilk songstress

Delta has many strings to her bow, and now brand ambassador is just another.

Yep, the Aussie singer – who’s tousled, sun-drenched locks I for one shamelessly admire – has signed up to be the face of new look SunSilk. Have you seen it yet? The new look SunSilk I’m talking about (although you may have seen Delta on your travels too). It’s rather jazzy and I like it a lot.

The stylish bottles are hitting supermarket shelves as we speak and I’m struggling to pick which I find most aesthetically pleasing, Super Shine Shampoo or Silky Straight Shampoo. Both brighten my bathroom up no end and I love the passionflower scent of Silky Straight but then I always receive compliments if I use Super Shine. Now that Delta has endorsed the range I’ll just have to stock up on both I suppose. I mean, it would be unsupportive and very un-Australian of me not to back her move into hair superstardom, wouldn’t it?

So why did Delta get the gig? Apart from the aforementioned admired locks, of course. Well Briar Taylor of SunSilk says: “Delta’s signature style, attitude and life achievements made her the perfect choice.” Hear, hear, Briar. I love her easygoing attitude and the effortless chic style that she brings to the beauty world. I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit.

What do you think of the new look SunSilk?

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