Delta Goodrem talks hair regrets, beauty and her new fragrance


Delta Goodrem is one of those women who just radiates warmth – that was the first thing I noticed when I met her at the launch of her new fragrance Dream by Delta Goodrem. The second thing was just how tall and strikingly beautiful she was, in a pastel pink power suit and long, newly-brunette locks. But beneath her glamourous exterior, it’s easy to spot the free spirit who’s been lighting up our screens and sound systems for well over a decade.

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Last year, Delta teamed up with Bondi Perfume Company to bottle that essence into her first fragrance Delta by Delta Goodrem. The scent was a massive hit, breaking Australian sales records when it hit the shelves of Chemist Warehouse. Now the singer has created a new fragrance, Dream by Delta Goodrem, and I reckon it’s her best yet.


With top notes of juicy nectarine, wild moon flower and whipped orris, heart notes of almond milk, gardenia petals, iris blonde woods and heliotrope – it’s a floral, woody musk that you’ll want on your desk and in your handbag.

I sat down with Delta to talk all things Dream, her beauty philosophy and the one hairstyle she regrets the most.

bh’s Kate: Your first fragrance was such a massive hit and now you’ve released your second, Dream by Delta Goodrem. What inspired you to create another one?

Delta: The first one is very fresh, very feminine, it’s quite light and easy – it’s been incredible, I can’t believe how successful that fragrance has been.  This one we wanted to be a continuation of the journey. My first one Delta being the introduction, I wanted it to be for every woman. I wanted it to feel fresh and to really empower, that it can be for everybody. Funnily enough, my wonderful assistant, he wears Delta and it smells amazing on him – I never even knew it could work on a man, but it can! It smells amazing on him and really suits him. [Dream] is something that I feel is still for everybody but it’s got a little bit more of an edge. This one’s what I would wear every day – it’s me.

bh’s Kate: What was your favourite part of the fragrance-creation process?

Delta: My favourite part is actually when we first start to see it actually come to life. The bottle design part I’m obsessed with as well, it’s really fun. All those little touches – like, do you do a matte finish? Do you do a shiny finish? All those details, I love. But when it comes to the smell I love when we’ve narrowed it down and now we’re trying it on everyone. And that’s when I’m testing it on all my friends and we all have a testing party with everybody. I test on all my team and every single person chose this scent!

bh’s Kate: Have you always loved and worn perfume?

Delta: Definitely! Even if I’m on TV, even if noone is going to smell me, I always wear my perfume before I go out anywhere. It just makes me feel finished, it’s a part of the vibe. It’s me, it’s part of how I dress.


bh’s Kate: What’s your beauty philosophy?

Delta: My beauty philosophy is that you have to be fluid, you have to keep moving with it. I think that you are always ever-changing, you’re ever-evolving so you have to know that toda,y it’s okay that I want to experiment, I want to have my hair in a bun today, I wanna be…

bh’s Kate: You’re dressed like a mix between several Spice Girls today!

Delta: Yes! I’m several Spice Girls today, that’s who I am today. But yeah, beauty is about knowing what looks good on you and knowing what suits you – but then just emphasizing it and having those little quirks that make you, you.

bh’s Kate: What’s your daily beauty routine?

Delta: I’m very big on being manicured – everything just kind of has to be fresh. But I’m also, if I’m not working I’m pretty fresh-faced, like I’m not a big makeup person when I’m not working. I still love a little bit of a base, just to give [the skin] a smoothness, but a bit of mascara, make sure the brows are there, a bit of gloss and I’m good.

bh’s Kate: What about your night-time beauty look if you’re going out?

Delta: I think with my dark hair I’ve changed what I do. With my dark hair, I tend to just smudge underneath a bit to keep the look a bit rockier  – just with my dark hair! With my blonde hair I tended to keep it a bit more gold and pink [on the eyes].

bh’s Kate: That’s my vibe too.

Delta: I can see that. I feel like you’re separated at birth from me


bh’s Kate: So talk to me about the hair! You are a massive hair chameleon, you’ve done everything to your hair.

Delta: Yes I have!

bh’s Kate: What’s been your favourite hair moment so far?

Delta: My favourite is just big hair! No matter what, I just like big hair. I don’t care what it is, even if it’s short – as long as I get to mess it up, as long as there’s a bit of texture. With The Voice I’ve been able to play with a lot of looks. I chopped my hair short and blonde for a while, I enjoyed doing that. I definitely really feel being dark right now, I’m enjoying this chapter, I’m enjoying this for what it is. But I’d like to keep changing it up! I think I want to do copper next for sure. Or Nicole Kidman, I like when she had that dark red hair. I think that’s my next step!

bh’s Kate: What brought on the change for the darker hair?

Delta: I think there was always a part of me that wanted to. I just had this kind of yearning, it was like ‘I really want to go dark!’ I’d done Grizabella [for Cats the Musical], where I had the black wigs, and that’s when I knew like ‘this is a part of me, this character, this person is a part of me!’ It’s hard to maintain dark hair, but I do like having it right now.

bh’s Kate: Any past hair regrets?

Delta: Well [in 2004] I’d kind of gone from au natural to losing my hair [from cancer treatment]. Then it came back short and I didn’t know what I was doing – wish I’d done a cooler style! It wasn’t my hair moment.


bh’s Kate: Apart from launching this new fragrance, what’s your next big dream?

Delta: I have so many! At the moment I’m just enjoying this, but then I have to go and get creative and make some amazing music, that’s what I’ve gotta do. I’ve gotta write it! I’ve been on the treadmill working for so long, I’ve kinda gotta stop. But the good thing is that this keeps me inspired too! I’ve always gotta be doing a lot – like I love a Netflix day, don’t kid me! – but I do find that my mind needs to keep active. But this is a wonderful project and then also to just start making the new record and do other things for myself too – like going back to playing tennis on Thursdays!

bh’s Kate: It’s a really powerful time to be a woman at the moment. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from another woman?

Delta: I mean, so many! I’m very lucky, I’m surrounded by very strong women. I have always been about supporting women and it’s not a new revelation for me, but I’m happy other people have found it. I’ve always been that way, I think because my mother’s a strong woman and I have a strong manager who’s also an incredibly strong woman. I’ve always worked best with women around me. But the best advice is I live by is ‘if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well or don’t do it at all’ and I’ve said that my whole life. I believe in being a leader as well, I believe in rising and keeping it classy – even when I kind of want to jump in. And I’m a fiery character so I do always want to, but it’s best to just rise above. And patience, in all aspects of life.


Dream by Delta Goodrem is out now, exclusively at Chemist Warehouse, My Beauty Spot and My Chemist stores across Australia.

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