Daily glossip: beauty scandals

Daily glossip: beauty scandals

They say that closing a door opens a new window, and we believe just that!  Yesterday was Renata’s last blog – and we said our sweet farewells.  So it’s Olivia and I back at the helm as joint head-glossers here at bh HQ – and there is OH SO much to look forward to.

The lovely Liv and I will be teaming up to share our gorgeously girly beauty goss with you – including awe-inspiring tips from the best beauty pros in the biz, the lowdown on the hottest new product launches, celeb looks to lust after as well as make-up, hair and skincare tips that’ll see you well into summer. Plus, there’s our tried and tested salon issue, but you’ll have to drop by on Monday for more on this…

But to give you something to chew over for lunch we’re looking at beauty disgraces that are both amusing and appalling.

1# Low maintenance hair ‘do
Who will ever forget the Britney-bald-head scandal? Talk about ‘lost the plot’ (although I think most of us feel for the poor girl). In 2007 Spears shaved off her long blonde locks in favour of sporting a jail-bird-esque bald head.We notice she didn’t maintain that look for very long – probably one of her better decisions!

2# Less is more
In the 80s, American singer/songwriter Vanessa Williams was pushed into giving up her Miss America title after appearing naked in Penthouse magazine. Of course, there are rumours that there was more to the scandal than nude pics but a lady never involves herself in scandalous hearsay!

3# Pink doesn’t always make the boys wink
It takes a brave girl to go bold but that doesn’t make it right – especially not when we’re talking Lily Allen’s dyed pink hair. In 2008 Allen rocked up to the Editor’s Choice Awards in London, with candy-pink tresses. However, she turned attention away from her interesting choice of hair colour by getting so drunk she had to be carried out by the bouncers. Must have been a good night!

4# Singing scandal
Amy Winehouse is the queen of scandals. There are the drugs, the bad body image, the shockingly applied eyeliner, and the where’s-my-brush bouffant. Dear oh dear Amy, will you ever get it right?

5# Totally gaga
She’s got a love-it-or-leave-it-style that you can’t help but applaud (even if it does cause you to raise your eyebrows): there are few folk with the bottle to hit the streets looking like Gaga. And her attire at the Cocoperez.com launch in New York two months ago was equally as wild as any style that has gone before. Her haute couture look was, well, you judge for yourself

What celeb beauty scandals have caused you to raise an eyebrow?

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