Super strands minus the effort

Super strands minus the effort

As some of you may remember from previous blogs, I’m very lazy when it comes to my hair.

So lazy in fact that more often that I’d like to admit, I find myself leaning over the sink, kitchen scissors in hand, hacking into my ridiculously long fringe in frustration, rather than just popping into my local hairdresser.

(And then I wonder why my hair looks bad).

Another bi-product of my strand sloth is wanting to sport vibrant, beautifully hued hair, while simultaneously being too lazy to book a hair appointment.

And so starts the cycle of hating my increasingly dull mop, yet still not doing anything about it – do you see how this can become a problem?

Thankfully, the good people who make hair products have provided salvation (from myself), in the way of colour extend shampoos and conditioners. My current faves belong to the Schwarzkopf Professional BC BONACURE Hairtherapy BC Color Save range – no doubt a mouthful to say, but a definite pleasure to use.

The True Silver Shampoo freshens my blonde hair and imparts a natural-looking shine (very hard to achieve for us golden girls), while the Color Save Conditioner helps protect my hue from environmental aggressors. Both leave my hair looking and smelling divine, making it no hardship on my part to use them over and over again.

Are you lazy when it comes to your locks?

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