Red heads predicted to become extinct

Red heads predicted to become extinct

They’re already exceedingly rare, but now scientists are speculating that climate change could spell the end of the redhead.

So what does climate have to do with the colour of our locks? Well, the gene that causes ginger hair is thought to have emerged as an evolutionary response to cloudy weather to help the body absorb more vitamin D, and with climate change heralding warmer weather and clearer days,  carrot tops could well be on their way out.

But let’s not stress too much just yet. Apparently the weather would need to heat up quite drastically – to the point where our fair-skinned, freckled, and orange-haired friends simply couldn’t survive under the sun’s harsh rays – for redheads to become completely extinct.

And while redheads are becoming more rare, thankfully, we’ve still got hair dye to emulate the redheaded look! If you’re lusting after fiery red locks like Christina Hendricks’ (above) but aren’t one of the lucky few who are naturally blessed, try bh member favourite Schwarzkopf Live Colourin ‘Red Ember’. We won’t tell anyone you’re not the real deal…

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